Do you know what huge business opportunities lie behind China’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam?

2022-05-17 0 By

A friend asked: When China football team lost to Vietnam, everyone was scolming, and experts were analyzing the underlying reasons. I would like to ask a question: if your child wanted to play a ball game and you were given the choice, what would you choose?1. Football 2. Table tennis 3. Volleyball 4. Tennis 5.I said, “Football!”In those days, the magic coach Rice lu led the national football team into Korea and Japan magic World Cup, with zero suspense, zero win, zero points, zero goals easily get the first (round swim), heroes do not mention that yong, I will specific analysis to let children play football has what advantages:Now the national football team ranks outside the world 100, as long as a little effort and a little luck, can enter the 100, that is what kind of noble feat ah.A third-rate national football player earns more than any other top-class player in the sport.Three, work easy not only play can not work out, and the football association, the coach also under pressure to help you say good things, love people like a child.Four, sports career is very long as long as not involved in drugs not whoring, has been able to work to the age of 40, even if become the figure of the white chicken still gallop on the battlefield.Five, honing the ability to resist pressure Chinese people have scolded the National football team for decades, it is estimated that there is no reason to scold, youdao extreme will reverse, I believe, Chinese people will encourage the national football team according to more, even kneeling.