First Chinese snooker win!After 90 will be 4-2 to advance to the match, the number one grinding king lost two games was eliminated

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China’s Lu Ning, who was born in the 1990s, beat Li 4-2 as the Welsh Open continued on Feb 16, 2022.Walker, the first Chinese player to make it to the tournament, played at a slower pace while Lu was the better overall player. According to the rules of the World Taiwan Federation, only one qualifying round is required now, and the tournament will not be held until next month.The Welsh Open is the final leg of the home series and Jordan is the defending champion.Brown, who beat O ‘Sullivan last year to clinch his first career ranking title, was awarded £80,000. The best result for a Chinese player is the champion. Ding Junhui beat Selby in the final.Lu Ning, 27, once made his name by reaching the last four of the British Championship. Later, he had a good performance in some ranking matches. This season, Lu Ning reached the last eight of the British Open, but failed to go on.Perry controversy, later luning is also a public apology, by many fans hot discussion, the latest issue of the world rankings, Luning at the 30th.The opponent is 46-year-old Lee.Walker, ranked 87th in the world, and Abberton retired after Lee.Walker became the no. 1 player, often averaging more than 30 seconds, and many players were not comfortable with his game, but Lu ning’s style was similar to Li’s.Walker is still relatively close, the qualification 4 wins 7, there is a certain contingency, easy to break the upset, to see the players play on the spot.The first round of Luning hit a single stroke 57 points into the defense, Li.Walker error, Luning again hand, hit a single 68 points to take the lead, the second game both sides have a fault, Li.Walton won the dogfight 77-35. Lee in the third.Walker broke the attack with a 45 and Luning took the lead with an 81 before Li.Not to be outdone, Walker shot 93 to level the score.After returning from the break, Luning took the initiative through quality defense, winning 67-1 and taking match point 3-2. Li took the sixth game.Walker scored the red ball but failed to connect the attack. Luning clinched the victory 68-1 and eliminated Li 4-2.Walker advanced to the main round.Both of them were in good rhythm in this qualifying match. Lu Ning won two games in a row to advance to the main round, averaging 25.6 seconds, Li.Walker 29.1 seconds, either Lu Ning, or Li.Walker, in particular Li, has been singled out by the WTF for his slow strokes.Walker, who sometimes even reached 40 seconds or so, was more relaxed this time against Luning, not too slow.