Huimin County Lizhuang town: the masses work busy street lamp safety

2022-05-17 0 By

At the beginning of the Spring Festival, more than 1000 rope network enterprises in Lizhuang town have started work, and more than 30,000 workers go out early and come back late. In order to ensure the lighting effect of the town and facilitate people to travel, Lizhuang town street lamp green office has carried out a comprehensive overhaul of 1104 road lamps in the town.It is reported that Lizhuang town street lamp green office, maintain a year a inspection, half a year a small inspection, daily daily turn of the management mechanism, for the maintenance of the cable aging, bulb damage, distribution box rust, damage affect the use of the situation promptly reported to the Party Committee and government, repair and replacement.In addition, the road lamp greening station also sets the time adjustment according to the actual needs, to ensure that every street lamp can be lit according to the “point”, according to the “point” extinguishing, to avoid unnecessary waste, to ensure the lighting effect of the town street lamp, to achieve a bright and smooth way for the masses to go to and from work, to enhance the satisfaction and happiness of the masses.