People who have visited these two places should report immediately

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Beijing, April 8 ( — Zhu Sheng, a member of the Standing Committee of chaoyang District Committee and deputy district head, said at the 303rd COVID-19 prevention and control press conference held in Beijing on April 8 that four new confirmed cases were reported in Chaoyang District between 16:00 On April 7 and 16:00 on April 8, all of them employees of xiaojin Gege clothing store.Anyone who has visited Beijing Huaxin Hospital since March 28, please report to your community, village, work unit, hotel or hotel immediately, or call Chaoyang District CDC at 87789709.Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention and a member of the national COVID-19 expert group, introduced that since April 3, several independent transmission chains appeared in Beijing in the short term, showing clusters of outbreaks associated with xiaojinge clothing store.Up to now, a total of 27 COVID-19 cases have been reported, including 10 shop assistants, 8 family members and people living with them, 3 customers visiting the store and 6 other related people, suggesting that the virus is spreading fast and highly contagious.Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has sequenced the novel Coronavirus positive nucleic acid samples of the two batches of garment goods from abroad detected in Beijing on July 7.The results showed that the sequence of the virus was completely consistent with the sequence of the virus 88, 89, 91 to 95, 98, 102, 104 to 106 associated with xiaojinge Clothing Store. Combined with the epidemiological investigation and gene sequencing results, it was preliminatively determined that the outbreak was caused by clothing goods from abroad in Beijing.Please visit the Xiaojinge clothing store from March 27 to April 3 to actively report pang Xinghuo reminded that the city’s epidemic prevention and control is in a critical period, the situation is still grim, to speed up the screening of risk personnel and items, and the virus race, in a short period of time effectively block the spread of the epidemic.Currently, there is still a risk associated with the epidemic in Wangjing SOHO Xiaojinge Clothing Store, and visitors are at high risk of infection. Those who visited the store from March 27 to April 3 are requested to report to their communities and cooperate with the implementation of quarantine and nucleic acid testing and other epidemic prevention measures.If you receive a call from the community or migrant workers, you should actively cooperate, provide true and effective personal information, truthfully report your activities, be responsible for yourself and your family, and fulfill your personal responsibility for prevention and control.(Editing: Zhao Xiaowen) Published in China