With the same level of competition mitsubishi Outlander again on the new

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As the market competition continues to intensify, 200,000 yuan SUV market can be described as “strong hand such as forest”;Just look at the Japanese camp, there are Ben Field CR-V, Hao shadow and Feng Field RAV4 Rong Fang strength models.There is no doubt that they are generally well-balanced, but this also gives them the label of “highly homogeneous”.In the Japanese camp, there is an SUV model not only whose price drops to 200,000 yuan, but also with its “seven seats with four-wheel drive” characteristics, which makes it stand out from many competing products, it is GAC Mitsubishi Outlander.A few days ago, GaC Mitsubishi Outlander officially launched a mobile version of the model, its 2.0L and 2.4L versions of the price of 175,800 yuan and 197,800 yuan respectively.Its appearance, further strengthen the Outland family product matrix, will be richer, more comprehensive appearance to meet increasingly picky consumers, then it has what special place?Irresistible “yan” as a family derived models, Outland obsidian mobile version with the appearance level can catch the eye of users.Many details of the body of the advanced obsidian ornament, directly let this fight for many years of veteran coruscate a young attitude.The classic Dynamic Shield design language, combined with a custom obsidian front grille, directly adds to the mystique of the front face.In addition, the obsidian HEI roof, obsidian streamer mirrors and streamlined body, directly with the obsidian leap shark fin and tail wing perfect transition, easy to create an extremely smooth visual effect.And the tail of the black surround, blackened wheels and other details, is to give the new car a strong sports atmosphere, and outlander deep sports gene complement.Luxury and practical “connotation” into the car, Outlander obsidian moving version continues the classic design, still carry out the practical way.The collocation of large screen and physical buttons makes the interior partition clear and easy to use.And the solid dermis that can be seen everywhere uses maester, assured the costly simple sense that consumer loves.In addition, the outlander mobile version of the driving seat retains the classic 8-way electric adjustment, heating and other functions, comfort is still outstanding.And in one of its biggest strengths – space, with the same level of leading 4705mm car length and flexible put down seven seats, even if many people travel can easily meet.Even when it comes to invisible safety, the Outlander Mobile edition is sparing no effort.The new car not only provides a stronger body structure, but also carries the same level of leading seven airbags, making it a true sense of the user’s “safety fortress”.The strength of the “core” power aspect, inherited from mitsubishi century-old car and Dakar rally champion technology, Outlander obsitive version uses Mitsubishi’s original MIVEC engine, 2.0L version of the maximum horsepower 166, 2.4L version of the maximum horsepower 192, transmission are matched with CVT transmission.With “gold core power”, Outlander obsidian version will bring more powerful power experience for drivers.At the same time, the new car is also equipped with a professional SUV chassis adjusted by legendary driver Zeng Gang Hao, and the design of the former McPherson + rear multi-link independent suspension provides a performance comparable to that of a car.In addition, the all-wheel-drive model is equipped with S-AWC Super all-wheel control system, which is equipped with multiple modes to handle complex road conditions easily.As a joint venture SUV with a price of less than 200,000 yuan, outlander mobile version can easily make many competitors “shame” only with a four-wheel drive system, not to mention it also has the advantages described above.The “gift” of kindness and heart is full of goods for the Spring Festival.New Year is coming, Outlander obsidian mobile version also launched multiple obsidian mobile enjoy good gifts, driving value of the car easily down, bring more relaxed home!From January 1 to January 31, participate in the test drive of Outlander mobile version, that is, have the opportunity to draw some good gifts such as Dongling automatic coffee machine and Ochs Air fryer, and get millet bar as a gift in limited amount;Participate in the next order of the mobile Outlander, draw koi worth 10,000 yuan of New Year goods, and limited New Year car gift pack waiting for you to pick up!Purchase a car on The Tmall platform for only 500 yuan and the chance to get a double expansion gift (worth 1,000 yuan deduction voucher)!During the event, you can also get a gaC mitsubishi constant temperature plasma air purifier for free.As the sales pillar of GAC and Mitsubishi, Outlander has indeed taken the lead in the positive dialogue with rival products of the same level by virtue of its outstanding product strength, especially its core advantages of “big seven seats and four-wheel drive”.In the future, with the reinforcement of the obsidian version, the Outlander family will surely gain more users’ love and bring better car experience for more families.