The highest reward is 558,000 yuan!Nanchong Jialing District People’s Court issued a reward announcement

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In the case of the dispute over the execution of the sales contract of Li Yuancan, the court, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 21, 22 and 23 of The Supreme People’s Court on Some Issues concerning Property Investigation in Civil Execution,The executive announcement is hereby issued as follows: Subject to execution: Li Yuancan, male, Han nationality, born on February 26, 1973, ID number: 512222197302265091, living in Group 77, Renhe Village, Jiulongshan Town, Kaixian County, Chongqing Municipality.The person applying for execution promises: (1) reward the informant 5,000 YUAN for providing the whereabouts of the person subject to execution and assisting the people’s court in actually controlling the person subject to execution;(2) 5000 YUAN shall be awarded to the informant who reports the existence of high consumption behavior of the person subject to enforcement and is verified by the people’s court;(3) if the informant provides clues about the property of the person subjected to execution so that all or part of the creditor’s rights in the case are executed, he shall be rewarded with 20% of the amount actually executed.After this announcement is issued, the hospital will register the information in chronological order.Once verified, the informant will be notified to register relevant information in the court. If two or more persons provide the same property clue, the informant shall be registered according to the order of providing clue, and only the informant who provides clue first will be rewarded.The hospital solemnly promises: the identity of the informant and relevant information to be confidential.Contact person: Judge Luo Tel: 0817-3858782, 17713800038 January 30, 2002 Source: Jialing District People’s Court, Nanchong City