The PCL2022 annual plan has been announced, the points competition is back to the theme, the All-Star game is expected

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In 2021 the south small New Year evening PCLS officials announced the 2022 pubg related events throughout the year, from the date of the latest spring match will begin in early march, estimates that is, March 1, 2, according to the schedule are ready to see April PCS6 intercontinental and spring game for up to six weeks, so time will shoot a calm makeup according to come out the end of February,The spring season starts in March.The first stage of the regular season lasts for four weeks, and each week is divided into midweek tournament, break out tournament and weekend finals. There are A total of 24 teams participating in the spring Tournament, which is the same as last year. It is divided into three groups, and the mid-week tournament lasts for three days.B: C.A:C), the competition days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, one day, six matches A day. The top eight players can directly advance to the weekend finals of the week, otherwise they will enter the breakout competition.The break out tournament was held on Friday of the week, and the top eight teams in the break out tournament could also participate in the finals of the week, and other teams would be eliminated. The top 16 teams in the finals of the previous four weeks in the regular season could enter the playoffs of the spring tournament, which was the last stage of the spring tournament and also affected the quota of PCS6.There will be a week of all-star games before the playoffs, and while no details have been announced yet, the program is the most anticipated.Ah Wei and XDD mentioned in the live broadcast that it is also possible to exchange teammates. People who did not play together before due to different teams may have the opportunity to team up together this time, such as XDD and Deer.Small north and numb;Now Lionkk and Xiao Hai, as well as the topic pull full godv and 17shou.Each team will have to play at least three days in the regular season, or at least four days in the weekend finals. Players may not have time to play other games. XDD can say goodbye to CSGO, and Weisen also need not worry about that LOL.