Flowers from Dannan: The Story behind Each Flower

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Each flower has its own story behind, warm, sweet, happy, but many flowers are from a place – Dounan flowers!From the “flower map”, it is the largest flower trading center in Asia.”Dounan Flowers” starts from here and floats around the world.Today’s Yunnan story is about the three core components of Dounan flowers — planting base, auction center and flower night market.Please follow my lens to see how each flower connects the “romantic economy” and how each flower person writes the legendary story of “Dounan Flowers”.Yang Xuecai (first from left) and flower farmers in the rose shed.Since the villagers planted the first gladiolus in 1983, Dannan has spent more than 30 years creating the legend of “flower field — flower town — flower capital”.In this process, the main function of Dounan gradually shifted to fresh cut flower trading, and the planting bases were scattered to Anning, Jining, Shilin, Chuxiong and other places.Hua Man Jun’s hometown chuxiong.The flood Village Committee of Bi Town, Lufeng County, Chuxiong Prefecture, more than 90 kilometers away from Kunming, is one of the many flower growing bases.Yang Xuecai, 49, a large local grower, has rented more than 30 mu of flower land in partnership with other flower farmers.Reporters came to the planting base early in the morning to see Yang Xuecai and flower farmers have been busy in the rose greenhouse.I come to pick flowers at 6:30 in summer and 7:30 in winter.When you spend a lot of money, you have to buy and pack all night, sometimes it’s 3 in the morning!”Yang xuecai started planting flowers six years ago. In order to take good care of these “delicate” flowers, she has not been home for the Spring Festival for four consecutive years. “Raising flowers is like raising a baby.If I pour too much water, I’m afraid of waterlogging, but if I pour too little water, I’m afraid of drought. I’m especially afraid of diseases and insect pests.Although very hard, but a plant care of flowers for Yang Xuecai also brought a return – rose field average per mu yield of 18,000 fresh cut flowers, a year can pick 4 to 5 stubble, the price of each flower is 0.7 to 7 yuan, “than before the kind of corn, the kind of potato to make some money, little children to study money, last year also built a new house!”The picked flowers are quickly soaked and packed.Around 9:30 a.m., car horns sounded on the dirt road outside the greenhouses, and dannan “floats” arrived as promised.Yang xuecai and the farmers packed flowers into baskets and carried them to the car outside.The “flower cart” is affiliated to kunming International Flower Auction and Exchange Center. Every morning, the “flower cart” will drive to each planting base to collect the fresh cut flowers picked by farmers and deliver them to Dounan in time.The appearance of the “flower car” is no different from ordinary trucks. The driver Yuan Jin said that the car is special in that it is equipped with a temperature controller, which can control the temperature of the container between 13℃ and 18℃ to keep the flowers fresh.Around 12 o ‘clock at noon, Yuan Jin will be loaded with more than 20,000 flowers back to Dounan vehicle, successfully completed the day’s “flower protection mission”, he started work at 5 o ‘clock in the morning, finally can breathe a sigh of relief, have a rest!Carrying the hope of flower farmers, a branch of flowers, also officially opened a trip to Dounan.The “thrilling” flower auction is underway at kunming Flower Auction Center.Auction center: Flower auction originated from Holland. In the early morning of December 20, 2002, Kunming International Flower Auction and Exchange Center was formally completed in Dounan and “opened the hammer”.After more than 10 years of development, this Dutch auction model has blossomed in Dounan, with daily trading volume reaching 3 ~6 million.Each bouquet is rigorously examined and graded before it can be auctioned.Lu Fangbin, a post-90s quality inspector, aptly describes his job as making “identity cards” for flowers.Lu Fangbin skillfully picked up a bunch of roses in the area filled with buckets of flowers. “This Posenina, 75 centimeters in length, has good stems and leaves, but the flower head is slightly diseased and has some upper spots. It is rated as GRADE B.”Lu Fangbin introduced to reporters, while filling in the documents quickly.In Kunming Flower Photography Center, fresh cut flowers are strictly divided into five grades: A, B, C, D and O. The better the quality is, the higher the grade will be. Information such as stem length, flower maturity and defect code will also be recorded on the documents to form A detailed “ID card”.After the quality inspector “piercing eyes” rating of fresh cut flowers, formally entered the auction market.Every day at 3pm, a bell rings and the auction begins!The 500-seat auction hall was almost full, with everyone staring solemnly at the six electronic trading clocks in front of them.Although he has been a flower agent in Dounan for 10 years, zhou Jun was still nervous at the beginning of the auction. “It takes 3-5 seconds on average to complete a transaction, so the pressure is very big!”Kunming flower center adopts the “price auction”, according to qualitative check member “id card”, an auctioneer will determine in advance a higher than normal market price bidding, the auction began, with trading clock rotate counterclockwise, the price is falling, the first buyer to press the buy button, which can be the cursor stops.Zhou Jun’s seat was at the back of the hall, and his narrow desk was filled with “cheat sheets”. As an experienced agent, he went to the waiting area to check the types and quality of flowers and took down the numbers of the desired products an hour before the shooting.Comparing with the “cheat sheet”, Zhou Jun’s eyes quickly moved between the six big clocks, “No.3!Many roses!50!”Seeing the flowers he wanted to buy appear on the big clock, Zhou quickly pressed the button on the desk and selected the big clock and the quantity to buy.Then he put his finger on the buy button and waited with bated breath for the clock to turn counterclockwise.Missed again!”Just a little bit slow, the flowers were taken away by others.”If the price is low, it is easy to be auctioned away by others;The price is too high, and the customer is not satisfied.”Zhou Jun smiled wryly and continued to throw himself into the “thrilling” auction.After nearly three hours of intense auction, most of the flowers ordered by customers were sold. Zhou jun stood up to stretch his muscles and muscles. After eating and taking a rest, he was ready to go to the park’s evening market to replenish some goods.Dounan night market, full of flowers, throngs of people.Dounan Night Market: Full of flowers, night falls, kunming Flower Auction Center auction hall gradually quiet;Dounan flower evening market is noisy.In addition to auction transactions, traditional counterparty transactions also play an important role in Dounan. The 39,000 square meter market is aimed at retail investors and tourists during the day and large purchasers at night, which is also the busiest time for the flower market in Dounan.At 8:45 PM, several gates of the night market opened at the same time, waiting for a long time flower farmers and florists pushing a car full of flowers tricycle, cart, jostling to squeeze in, less than 10 minutes, the whole market filled with flowers.”Gate no. 1 is the rose area, to the right is gerbera chrysanthemum area, and down the road, is the platycodon, lily area.”Squeezing into the market between tricycles and carts, Zhou Jun gives visitors a quick introduction to the district and heads to the rose section to shop.”How much is the Phantom?Is there still enough for twenty?”Zhou Jun quickly found the varieties he wanted to buy, while picking up a flashlight to check the freshness of the flower head, whether there are pests and diseases, while making an inquiry.After receiving “22 bucks a pop.””Zhou jun began to bargain with the seller. After several rounds of bargaining, the price was 20 yuan a handful.In Zhou Jun’s opinion, counterparty trading and auction trading are the same, need quick eyes and quick hands, “start quickly, otherwise the good flowers will be bought by others!”After more than an hour of purchasing, Zhou jun finally “matched” the customer ordered flowers, now the dannan night market flower trading is still in full swing, “will continue until the early morning.”It was nearly 12 o ‘clock in the evening when he brought all the flowers he had sold and purchased back to the small shop nearby. But Zhou jun’s day’s work was not over. With the help of his wife and shop assistants, the flowers were quickly counted, distributed, boxed and packed, waiting for the express company to transport them to the airport and catch the earliest flight to the customers.It’s usually the wee hours after everything is done.During the 10 years of fighting in the South, Zhou Jun experienced countless flowers, and his life changed because of flowers.”Ten years ago, I came to Dounan from Anhui province. I had no money, no one and only dreams.These years have been hard, but I have accumulated a small fortune. I met my wife and settled down in Kunming because of flowers.””He said.Full of flowers, long night weiyang, dounan’s day is still continuing, “Dounan flowers” legend is still writing….