Look at the Shawshank Redemption: the more you look at others, the more a poor sign

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Life is short, everyone wants to do something in this life, let oneself want to live, when you look back on your life in the rocking chair, hope to have no regrets, and full of joy.People’s life, to rely on their own, three by luck, seven by hard work.Ambition, perseverance, can be closer to their own goals, closer to their own achievements, ambitious, but afraid of difficult, do not want to endure hardship, doomed to nothing, become a great event.Your diligence is related to whether you can succeed, but also related to your later life, who do not want to get rich, who do not want to make their family better, but, can do this, but very few.There is a symptom of whether a person becomes richer or poorer, and that is that the poorer a person is, the three symptoms appear, and even if one of them occurs, it is very difficult to recover.Sometimes, many people find it difficult to succeed, but they can’t find a way.The principle of success is not complicated and everyone understands it, but why do we get richer while others get richer?This is because human nature is at ease, a person who wants to become a promising person, is against the sky, which is why only a few people can overcome their nature, to achieve this.Everything has a cause and effect. The comfort of youth will eventually make people forget the pain of old age.As long as you stick to your ideals and endure humiliation, you will succeed one day.No one can predict what will happen in the future, but one thing is certain: “The more diligent, the luckier, the more persistent, the more successful.”Some people are “poor” all their lives, and this is not to blame others, but their own incompetence.Life has ups and downs, there is change, there is change, life will become the starting point of success.So, for a person to become poorer, they have to control themselves in their life and avoid some of their own behaviors.People should have ideals, goals, the spirit of struggle, to have ideals, goals, to pursue.But dreams are not unrealistic, some people always daydream, think that even if you don’t work hard, good luck will come, think that they step up, step up, overnight wealth.There is always an unrealistic idea, but not willing to put it into practice, really terrible, can only wait for the money to run out, do nothing, do nothing, only down to earth, step by step, can achieve success.Dream is the power of people to move forward, but also can not always indulge in their own dreams, not to fight for their ideals, in that case, the dream is a dream.Each person is unique, a social person who sees a deeper level of character;Ignorant people, will only stare at each other’s face, pinch each other’s wounds.Look at people and see the pros and cons.You can tell a lot about a person’s life from his words and actions.It is obvious that to dislike a person is to become a poor man.Procrastination is a habit that almost all of us have.If you have a problem, you can ignore it, but if you really can’t, you just go through the motions.Is procrastination a good habit?Everyone knows that such a habit is not a good thing, but when they really get used to it, they can no longer suppress their desire and throw everything away.Of course, there are plenty of people who say they don’t want to put it off any longer.Delayed treatment is difficult?It’s too difficult!However, to really do better, we must overcome difficulties, otherwise we will fall into the ordinary.In reality, there are always a few people, do everything possible to improve the family, but often backfire.So, he gave up his own family, but tried to make relatives and friends’ families suffer, thinking that “poor life” can make them feel at ease.There is a very real proverb: wise men lift others up, and fools trample others underfoot.If everyone around you is having a bad time, that’s not a good thing. It’s just missing out on help.If a person does not do well, but also thinking about calculating others, that his heart will be blinded by evil, never see the sun, never walk out of the darkness.If your heart does not accept others, it becomes narrow and even closes its doors.In the future, his path will only get narrower.You know, people who do great things are people with big hearts.Nowadays, the most obvious characteristic of young people is carpe diem and excessive consumption.There is no shortage of this kind of situation in life. A person can save money for a year and buy a high-end mobile phone without eating or drinking for a month, but he will never spend money to improve his life quality.What people fear most is conceit, because vanity can make people lose their reason, lead to spending lavishly, and eventually ruin their life.At any time, people should consume rationally, so that the quality of people’s life can continue to improve.Everyone wants to be a big boss.However, life is not a fairy tale, there is no free lunch in heaven, most people are ordinary people.So if you want to make your life better, you have to be down-to-earth.People on the road of life, once impetuous, will soar, soar, accomplish nothing.In fact, one has to be patient enough to do this.One should put oneself in the place of others, understand them, and at the same time empathize with them emotionally.As the saying goes, people with the same, people with group points, you a face of solemn smile, and who is willing to share the joys and sorrows with you?You don’t like people who do good deeds and think they earn money by doing bad things to achieve their social status, while you look down on those who are unworthy and think they are useless.You don’t help your peers or join forces with them.So who else can you hang out with?Maybe that’s what you think: a person must be alone in order to be a powerful person.It’s so simple, but you don’t know why.To make a fortune, one must believe that the fire burns high when many hands add wood.He will not rely on others, but to find their own likes.By rejecting people, you will miss out on many opportunities and it will be difficult to find real friends.People get along, always want to compare.Smart people know, “lag behind to catch up, lag behind to progress”, ignorant people, only because of hatred, and the heart is full of anger.Learn from the strong, to make themselves strong, surrender to the weak, to make themselves more noble.If you don’t recognize yourself, even if you are raising your jealousy, then your heart will become more barren, there is no hope.People in life, encounter difficulties, never reflect, only to blame their own dissatisfaction with the environment, such a person will not be promising, will only be more mixed worse.People are not afraid of failure, not afraid of making mistakes, afraid of making mistakes.Life, only in the failure of time, can learn to think, and failed, but never reflect on their own, this life will not progress.Sunshine is free, but not to be sniffed at.Where there is no sun, there must be silence and darkness.The heart is hot, but do not look upon it.When his heart is cold, no matter how hot the sun, can change his mood.We are all ordinary people, naturally have a worldly perspective.But keep learning, keep reflecting.If you don’t like someone, stop focusing on the other person and take the initiative to change yourself.To study hard, to have the ability to surpass others, to have a way to see through others, to actively communicate with others, learn from the struggle of others, learn from the lessons;Have a kind heart and be friendly to everyone.I hope you will be kind to the people around you.In a fast-moving society, stagnation is regression.Life, if you still have an iron rice bowl and complacent, so you will be abandoned by the society.For those who resist progress will come to realize that they are out of date and will eventually be left behind.In this materialistic age, success is not a coincidence, but it can also be unfortunate.Don’t procrastinate, don’t waste, don’t slack off, keep your feet on the ground, don’t complain, associate with reliable people, and do what you have to do.The above is the most basic truth, let us become better, so that everyone can understand, do their best, so that their life is endless benefit.