So what about the 8-0 defeat!Attention is very low but create history, more with action to beat the face of men’s football

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He was almost disqualified before the start of the competition because he was not good enough, and the potential disaster in the competition would affect the future development of the sport.But even so the Chinese team still never give up, domestic development level is not good from abroad for training and preparation, and choose to naturalize a large number of players to supplement, its purpose is to be in their own home held in the Winter Olympics official debut.It was no surprise that the team lost 8-0 in the first game, improved in the second, but ended up losing 3-2, making history in a row.You may have guessed the name of the team, the Chinese men’s ice hockey team, which made its Olympic debut.The debut of Chinese men’s ice hockey in the Olympics has made new history, such an unprecedented moment in history has not attracted much attention.And the entire Chinese men’s ice hockey team is not even as well known as its two members, Ying Rudi, the son of Yingda, and Zheng Enlai, the grandson of the legendary Zheng Fengrong.The reason why The Chinese men’s ice hockey team can appear in the Olympic Games is largely due to the host’s status. After all, to be honest, the overall strength of the team is average, and the gap between the world’s top teams is extremely obvious, so it is understandable to worry about a disaster and cancel the qualification.In the opening match, the team lost 8-0 to the powerful U.S. team, but the players were as good as their opponents on the court, and the final score made a huge difference.No matter the naturalized players or the native players, they all played well in the game, and they were not afraid even if the strength gap was huge. No matter the momentum on the court or the imperious actions of the players, all the hockey fans who followed them were moved and admired.From this point of view, the spirit of the Chinese women’s football team is different from that of the Chinese men’s football team, which has repeatedly refreshed the bottom line of shame and created tragic cases. It teaches the men’s football team how to be a man with practical actions.To be honest, if the Winter Olympics were not held in China, the Chinese men’s ice hockey team would still be unknown. Although the number of registered ice hockey players in China is nearly 10,000, even this number may be more than the number of registered men’s soccer players in China, but the number of registered ice hockey players of nearly 10,000 is huge.Coupled with the poor training conditions in China and the lack of professional competitions, most of the registered personnel are just superficial, and few can actually participate in competitions.The Chinese men’s hockey team now has 15 naturalized players out of 25, with the goal of proving themselves at home in the Winter Olympics.Although their skills are inferior, but in addition to the strength of players and running-in problems, other aspects of the Chinese men’s ice hockey team will never admit defeat.The Chinese men’s ice hockey team will focus on playing every game no matter how many goals they lose and how big the tragedy is. From this point of view, it is completely different from the shameful tragedy created by the Chinese men’s football team. Moreover, the Chinese men’s hockey team seems to have no remedy now, especially the shocking scandals that have been exposed is extremely disappointing.Xiaobian hopes that the operators of “we media” accounts will not spread bad information, do not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others, adhere to legal ethics, and strictly behave themselves.Editor/Reviewer: Sun Daqun, this article is the author’s exclusive original content, may not be reproduced in any form without permission.