The azalea blooms to welcome the spring

2022-05-22 0 By

On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, spring begins.The cold of winter has not completely receded, and all things are waiting for recovery, but the azaleas in the mountains at the southern foot of Jiangcheng County, Pu ‘er City, have long been impatient and opened their buds.Red flowers nifty branches, smile to meet good luck.Clusters, patches, rhododendrons bloom in red, green mountains, red and green as if a beautiful picture.Red flowers full of branches, smile to welcome good luck.Azaleas, also known as rhododendrons and pomegranates, generally bloom in spring, with 2-6 flowers per cluster and funnel shaped corolla.Source/Pu ‘er Radio and TELEVISION Jiangcheng Rong Media Center, Yang Guorong, Qing Wensheng, Xu Tianli, Editor/Li Qiping, Editor/Bi Rui © Yunshi News, Qicaiyun