Zelensky: A meeting with Putin is probably not going to happen but negotiations with Russia must continue

2022-05-22 0 By

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Thursday that his meeting with His Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin would probably not take place.But Zelensky believes Ukraine must continue negotiations with Russia.’It’s easy enough to tell your side,’ Mr. Zelensky said. ‘In this case, you have to find the possibility of meeting with the other side and finding a solution without losing territory.’Speaking on live television about the Russia-Ukraine talks, Mr. Zelensky said Ukraine had not even discussed the treaty’s provisions on demilitarization and “de-Nazification.”We can also ask Russia to do the “de-Nazification” part.’Regarding NATO membership, Ukraine is ready to join tomorrow,’ Mr. Zelensky said. ‘I have talked to NATO and the heads of major powers about this.’Ukraine is ready to join if NATO offers it tomorrow, not as a joke.There is also the provision on Crimea, with regard to the Donbas issue, which the two sides have yet to discuss because of their respective positions.Ukraine’s position on Crimea is very simple. We cannot agree on all points of view. It is impossible.If the parties, including western partners, want to end the war, then we need to keep working.(CCTV reporter Zhang Yuyao)