Although Pei Yan publicly opposed wu Zetian’s accession to the throne, wu zetian thanked him in her heart

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If Xu Jingye’s short-lived rebellion had strengthened Wu Zetian’s confidence and made her feel that things were not impossible, Pei Yan’s attempted coup had reminded her to be careful not to let Jingzhou slip.The road ahead will not be smooth, nor will it be plain sailing.The rebellion of Chen Ziang and Xu Jingye was no longer popular (as Chen Ziang said at the time, “Yangzhou structure is rebellious, almost fifty years old, while the sea is yan, the dust is not moving”), and his neighboring dynasty name system was also quite controversial (as liu Yi, a key minister said: “The queen mother was abandoned in the twilight of the Ming Dynasty, an adjacent dynasty name system!It is better to return to government and calm the world.”) It seems that the residue of the Li tang clan is not terrible, but the tradition of etiquette and law is hard to defeat the enemy.Think that year, Cao Cao in a very unusual time line of extraordinary things, and can only “coerce the son of heaven to make princes”, now Wu mou in the ordinary time line of extraordinary things, more have to have extraordinary action.Apparently, for Wu Zetian, her path to the throne could only be paved with bones.The queen’s crown above her head can only be dyed with blood.She couldn’t wait for someone to run into a gun.She had to create terror, kill, keep everyone quiet and quiet.Now Wu Zetian was convinced that she was embarking on a great and earth-shaking revolution.In ancient China, the word “revolution” originally meant “change of dynasty”, namely “change of destiny”, such as the rule of Yin Revolution and the Rule of Yin Revolution of Zhou Dynasty.Therefore, “Zhouyi” said, “Tang and military revolution, according to the nature and man.”However, both shang Tang’s revolution and Zhou Wu’s revolution were quite different from Wu Zetian’s.The former happens when the old dynasty is dying, the latter when the new one is thriving;The former is a male family replacing another male family, the latter is a woman to subvert the world of men;The former takes power by force; the latter can only stage a palace coup.Obviously, Wu Zetian is more difficult, whether “according to the nature and should be based on people” is also a big problem.Wu Zetian (February 17, 624 — December 16, 705) However, Wu Zetian was a great woman who was not afraid of heaven and earth, and was unyielding to evil and even the sun, moon and stars were part of the universe (zhao is the sun and moon sky).If God forbid her to revolutionize, she disobey God;If heaven would not give her the atmosphere for revolution, she would invent it herself;If everyone did not approve of her revolution, she made everyone afraid to speak.In short, she must create a political climate in which everyone knows that resistance to her is futile.So Wu Zetian began to justly carry out her spy politics and terror rule.The core of this kind of politics and rule is the system of informing against corruption, the mercilent clique of officials and unjust, false and erroneous cases.It is the modus opus of all despots to fabricate unjust, false and erroneous cases against their political opponents and those they dislike.Cao Cao (155-220 March 15) Liu Bang used, Cao Cao used, Wu Zetian of course can also use.Wu Zetian’s difference was that she openly and universally created unjust, false and erroneous cases on a large scale by encouraging informants and employing cruel officials.Few have legalized whistleblowing and publicly encouraged it as Wu Zetian did.She decreed that no one should stand in the way of the informant.Even the woodcutter and the peasant could go to the Capital and complain to the emperor.They will be provided with horses by the government, and enjoy the treatment of five officials along the way. After arriving in Beijing, they will stay in the official inn and eat the official food. Moreover, They will be personally received and rewarded by Wu Zetian.The most important thing is that he will not be punished even if he tells the truth.This kind of only income without loss without this business who does not want to do.Even if it is a trip to the capital, the addiction of five product officials, also worth.As a result, the four sides of the tip-off swarmed, the ministers in the crisis.Wu Zetian insisted on reading those letters every day with relish and delight.These letters provided her with many clues as to what was going on in society at court.Li Jingye (636 -684) This really made her smile.She did not forget, because the intelligence is ineffective, Xu Dedicated a group to do so many plots and tricks, the court actually know nothing, until they gathered one hundred thousand troops to attack the city and occupy the land, just frightened and frightened, in a hurry to deal with.She also did not forget, because someone is informer, the premeditated ability of Pei Yan mutiny is strangled in cradle.Snitch, for a dictator, is a good thing.Lai Junchen (651 — June 26, 697) Therefore, Wu Zetian decided to reward informants heavily and select a group of cruel officials from among them.These merciless officials were selected from informants, because those who disdainedinformants would certainly not be willing to coerce confessions.Without extorting confessions, how can they turn informants into cases and kill the opposition?After tasting the sweetness of informer, Wu Zetian was not satisfied with obtaining information only by this means.She would also, through the treatment of all the tip-offs, create one unjust case after another, so that the opposition would be knocked to the ground and put on another foot, so that they would never be able to rise again.In fact, only one “appalling” case is constantly exposed, can prove that the establishment of the informant system is completely necessary, is very timely.This necessates the merciless officials.It did not matter what their origins were, whether they were educated or learned, or whether they knew the law or were capable.What matters is to see wu Zetian’s face, as well as enough mean and cruel.It can be seen that the informant system, the merciless clique of officials, and unjust, false and erroneous cases are linked one by one.Some people come out to inform against, there is information and clues, there is a reason and excuse for the trouble;Only when someone acts as a cruel officer, can the informant’s report be “confirmed” and make unjust, false and erroneous cases;With unjust, false and erroneous cases, we can constantly claim that “the country is under threat”, thus making the system of informants and the merciless officials appear reasonable and legitimate.Now that national security is so seriously threatened, it is all the more necessary to encourage whistleblowing and to put merciless officials in a more important position.Such a vicious cycle, the atmosphere of terror is naturally formed.In fact, has the country ever been threatened?Wu Zetian was just nervous, or just an excuse for her to kill.Although Wu Zetian’s method was extremely despicable and dirty, it worked.After a few years, no one dared to say anything about what she had done, only a chorus of praise and adulation.The so-called auspicious green paper books and exhortation sheets of the so-called destiny of heaven flew to the palace, under wu Zetian’s Dan bi.On September 9, the first year of Tianshi (690 AD), the greatest female careerist in Chinese history finally got her wish and put on the blood-stained crown.This year, she was sixty-seven.– the end —