District Transportation committee carried out bike-sharing activities to help build a better home for the Winter Olympics

2022-05-25 0 By

Assist the Transportation Committee of the Winter Olympic Games to build a better home Park, joint Youth League District Committee, Shijingshan District Qingxinyuan · Community Youth Gathering, Laoshan Qixing · Community Youth Gathering, Charming Sunshine · Community Youth Gathering, No. 7 Jingyuan Road · Community Youth Gathering and 100,000 Community,From February 7 to 11, 8 public welfare volunteer activities of “Helping the Winter Olympics with Me, Building a Beautiful Beijing” were held at 4 key points around R&F Wanda Vista Hotel, Gucheng Subway station, Along Jinding Street and Babaoshan subway station.During the activity, the young volunteers placed the bikes parked indiscriminately in the shared bike spots around them, and guided the citizens to park the bikes in a standard way and lock up the bikes correctly, and dissuaded the behavior of parking indiscriminately, so as to help the Winter Olympics and build a beautiful Shijingshan.Wanda Realm Hotel near the ancient City subway station Along the Jinding Street Babaoshan subway station -END