Demolition of concrete chimney

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Concrete chimney manpower demolition, brick chimney general demolition, brick chimney overall directional demolition, brick chimney manpower demolition brick chimney artificial demolition engineering construction, chimney overall precise positioning disassembly, concrete chimney elevation, chimney directional demolition manpower disassembly.Boiler chimney disassembly engineering construction provisions :(1) the chimney is a standing structure, boiler chimney disassembly engineering construction can refer to the relevant provisions of building disassembly engineering construction.In the case that the on-site standard is available, manual mechanical equipment disassembly method or directional blasting method should be selected first to carry out reconstruction engineering construction, which has faster construction speed, low cost of disassembly and relative safety.There are brick chimney, concrete structure chimney and a small amount of seamless steel pipe chimney.This section mainly introduces the demolition engineering construction of brick chimney and concrete structure chimney in detail.Before specific steps, detailed construction design scheme and special construction scheme should be finalized, and carefully do a good job in written form of safety technology disclosure.(2) Manual demolition method of boiler chimney: when the construction site of chimney demolition is narrow and small, there are hazards of building construction around it, and it cannot be dismantled by mechanical equipment demolition method and directional demolition method, the chimney can be manually removed to carry out renovation construction.(3) Manual demolition method is usually set in the surrounding enclosed steel pipe scaffolding.(4) The actual operation staff standing on steel pipe scaffolding, with hammer (hammer), crowbar or pneumatic pick demolition engineering construction.Disassembly of raw materials from the chimney landing, at the bottom end of the chimney toward the door set the inclined tube.Landing disassembly materials will automatically slide down the door for immediate removal.(5) During the summer storm, there should be lightning protection facilities on the steel pipe scaffold.