Good news!A warehouse list shows that Zhang Changning probability will not retire, fans: love Lin Li

2022-05-26 0 By

As is known to all, whether Zhang Changning, the main attacker of Chinese women’s volleyball, will choose to retire has been a hot topic in the fan circle. If this beautiful woman really decides to retire, it will be a great loss for the main attack line of Chinese women’s volleyball.But good news for fans today!The Volleyball Management Center of the General Administration of Sport issued a document announcing the entry standards and list of the talent reserve of the women’s national volleyball Team, and established the talent reserve index system according to the three indexes of physical fitness, skills and body shape. Only those who meet or exceed the indexes can be added to the reserve.From this list, we can see that Zhang Changning is written in three big characters on the main attack position, which indicates that she will not retire and will continue to represent the Chinese women’s volleyball team in international competitions.In fact, there is no doubt that Zhang Changning is still the majority of women’s volleyball fans in addition to Zhu Ting the most trusted attacker.With Li Yingying needing more growth space and Wu Mengjie and Wang Yizhu needing more international competitions to practice, it is particularly important for Zhang Changning to take on important responsibilities at this difficult time for The Chinese women’s volleyball team.The Chinese Women’s Volleyball team will strive to achieve good results in the World Championships in May, Asian Games and Women’s Volleyball World Championships. However, without the care of veteran players, how can these young players bear the heavy burden?It is believed that this list of entries will reassure the fans and lay a solid foundation for the Chinese women’s Volleyball Team to achieve good results.Some fans said that gabi would not be able to join the training squad if she came to China based on her height and weight, and boskovic and other famous players would not be able to join the team due to their weight.What do you think about that?In the end, ni Fanfei, Wang Mengjie, Meng Zixuan and other players appeared on the list of free agents, but Lin Li, the veteran of The Chinese women’s Volleyball team and the best free agent of the Rio Olympics, was not included in the list. The majority of fans also expressed their love for Lin Li.As a veteran player, Lin Li has made outstanding contributions to the good results achieved by the Chinese women’s Volleyball team in both the Rio Olympics and the Tokyo Olympics.But some fans also said the achievements of the little-known Lin Li were brilliant enough to have no regrets.We also wish the veteran in the future of the road can be happy to go on!What do you think of the above list of players?I am HongKong HongKong chat women’s volleyball team, want to know more about the latest information of women’s volleyball tournament, then follow me.