Yuanxiao I am on duty: Yan ‘an iron police escort Reunion road

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February 15 is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival, the festival for reunion of thousands of families, and the beginning of the last wave of Spring Festival travel rush at Yan ‘an Railway Station.In order to ensure that the vast number of passengers during the Lantern Festival safe, orderly, warm travel, Yan ‘an railway public security Office Yan ‘an station police station all the police, auxiliary police stick to their posts, go all out into the Spring Festival travel security work.Due diligence, protect the reunion journey.In the face of the last return peak of the Spring Festival travel rush, the Yan ‘an Police Station strengthened the joint attendance linkage with local armed police and special police, and carried out continuous armed patrols in the railway station square, waiting room, exit and other key positions to improve the police rate and form an armed deterrent force.At the same time, comprehensive safety inspection is carried out for the key parts of the station under the jurisdiction to eliminate potential safety hazards and create a safe public security environment.Propaganda and education, guard the safe return.Organize the police to carry out the publicity of legal safety. On the one hand, take the initiative to carry out the publicity of railway safety knowledge in the community, explain railway safety knowledge, and actively guide the masses to develop the good habit of caring for the railway according to the case.On the other hand, the passengers of Yan ‘an station to carry out anti-fraud propaganda, police detailed explanation of common fraud methods, on-site guide passengers to download and use the national anti-fraud APP, education passengers to improve the awareness of prevention, do not sweep not fill, do not listen to not believe not transfer, effectively prevent the occurrence of telecom fraud cases.Protect the masses, escort the safe return.Since the Spring Festival travel rush, the Yan ‘an Police Station has carried out the activity of “Doing practical things for the masses”, providing active and enthusiastic services to ensure the safe travel of passengers.On January 28, police Ma Shuang helped an old man who lost money to buy tickets to go home smoothly for the New Year;On February 2, deputy director Zhao Shijie, police Liu Jundong found a minor girl run away from home in the work, actively contact the family to take it back, by the passengers sincere thanks to the masses, showing the good spirit of yan ‘an iron police.No time is good, someone is carrying something behind you.Yan ‘an iron police to give up the reunion with their families, wearing duty uniforms silently stick to their jobs, just to ensure that the majority of passengers spend a safe, happy and peaceful Lantern Festival.Author: Zhu Rui Editor: Wang Chenwei Editor: Gao Baoxiang Editor: Yao Qiming