“Gao Fu Shuai” three words to build a solid yao Zhai well-off road

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Recently, the author went to Lingyun County Shali Yao township Nonggu village to carry out a news interview, the vehicle as the nine curved 18 curved village hardening road in progress.In Gu Village department, we met, first secretary of the guangxi traffic investment group in lane Gu Village WeiJiaQin, wei secretary tell us smiling, make Gu Village are poor in the past, but the new round of poverty crucial begins, party committee, government attaches great importance to, around the “two have three guarantees”, many measures and arouse the masses endogenous power, vigorously support the backup unit, made Gu Village had poverty picked a hat,The people’s living standards have improved and their lives are getting better and better.In April 2021, Wei Jiaqin of Guangxi Communications Investment Group volunteered to serve as the first secretary of Nonggu Village, a designated village for rural revitalization.He has always been at the forefront of efforts to effectively link poverty alleviation with rural revitalization. With his high morale, enthusiasm and drive, he has worked hard to increase the income of the poor and become better off. He has shown that he has the courage to take the lead.Nonggu Village is full of Beilong Yao people. In the past, the reason why it was poor is that education failed to keep up, and all aspects lagged behind in the process of social development.”Education is vital to both the country and the Party.”Education comes first in the development of Yao Village.Wei Jiaqin traveled around Nonggu Yao Village, customized the “navigation map” of education development according to local conditions, reported to the leaders of the supporting units in time, and got the implementation of education assistance.”With the help of the support unit, we got a total of 50,000 yuan from two enterprises to solve the breakfast problem of more than 200 students in Nonggu Primary School. We will continue to mobilize resources from all sides to ensure uninterrupted breakfast.”Wei jiaqin says primary school students are growing and need nutrition to help them work harder.In order to promote the education development of Yao Village, Wei Jiaqin, the first secretary of the company, made continuous efforts to organize the young Party members and league members of the company to carry out the “Love Lecture” activity in the school, and invited more than 20 parents and children to join hands in the study tour to nanning enterprises, science and technology museum, university campus, etc., to help parents and children in the mountain area to broaden their horizon and increase their knowledge.Add multimedia classroom equipment for the school to create a good teaching and learning environment for teachers and students.”Thanks to Secretary Wei’s help, I felt at ease to go to college…”In 2021, lane Valley village only admitted to the undergraduate line of college students Pan Meili received wuzhou college admission notice, after receiving the notice of Pan Meili happy dancing, know their efforts to get affirmation;But when I looked back at my parents, I found that their happy faces were frowning behind their smiles.Pan Meili told me that the first secretary knew my family was in trouble, so he immediately contacted the supporting unit and paid my enrollment tuition of 4,596 YUAN, realizing my dream of going to college.It is reported that the support unit will continue to pay attention to Pan Meili’s learning and growth, to provide a strong guarantee for her.The “rich” word is in charge, seeking to increase income channels, expand the rural revitalization of the “stem cell”, people rush to the village of Nonggu, beautiful hardening road to the door, travel on behalf of motorcycles, cars, new buildings are more beautiful than one.Migrant workers in Nonggu Village have become one of the main sources of income for the people of Yao Village.Wei Changsheng of the village began to work in Guangdong after graduating from junior high school. He was smart and built “special trains” for the masses of migrant workers in Yao Village and “migrant homes” for them in Guangzhou and other cities.”With the help of the first secretary and the village ‘two committees’, I led my brothers and sisters from Yao Village to work in Guangdong. Their income was relatively stable. Some of them went back home and built buildings with their income from work, and their life became better and better.”Wei Changsheng said.If the masses want to live well, they must find a way to enrich their pockets.Nonggu Village will be lifted out of poverty by 2020, but to consolidate the link between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, it is necessary to plan according to local conditions and lead the people to seek development.”With the help of the government and Guangxi Communications Investment Group, I started raising live chickens in 2017. I got a slow start due to technical and financial problems.Since 2021, Secretary Wei jiaqin has tried his best to help me expand my breeding scale and expand sales channels, “said Pan Guanghua, a black chicken farmer in the village.Nonggu village hill camellia into slope, star anise into forest, Fir into a piece, mulberry garden 200 mu, planting medicinal herbs mountain bean root 200 mu, black chicken breeding (annual market 50000) and other characteristic industries.Wearing the “combat gown” of the first Secretary, Wei Jiaqin is responsible for the development of the industry according to local conditions. Through the training and promotion of agricultural technology, the traditional industry is revitalized, and the goal of “no vacancy in villages and no vacancy in households” is set to make the industry fully covered and promote the revitalization of rural areas.Hang “handsome” go to battle, solve urgent difficulty worry for the masses look forward to “mind matter” the masses without trifling interests, for the people service is wei Jia Qin stationed in the village of the initial heart.In order to better understand the crux of nongu Village’s rural revitalization and development, Wei jiaqin and the “two committees” of the village visited all the villages after he was stationed in the village in April 2021.Every village household was photographed and printed into a book by aerial photography, marking the location of the household, the direction of the fields and mountains, and drawing the “navigation map” of rural revitalization of Nonggu Village.”When I first arrived in the village, I made contact with the masses, but they all looked at me with a kind of eyes.Wei Jiaqin told the author.If the masses are to be unguarded against themselves, they must surrender themselves to the masses.In the process of entering the house, Wei Jiaqin took the initiative to chat with the masses, met the elderly about family life and production, met children and they talk about learning, play games.One after another, the masses found that Secretary Wei was their own family.During the visit, Wei jiaqin collected the hot and difficult issues that the people were concerned about with his heart, found the right direction, made clear his ideas, and tried his best to solve the prominent problems that the villagers were anxious about.Hang “handsome” battle, each hit “broken”.After the village of small hole tun basketball court there are serious security risks, Wei Jiaqin ran to Nanning to find relevant enterprises, seeking 17,500 yuan of materials and funds to install safety barriers, eliminate the security risks around the masses.In September 2021, with 50,000 yuan of assistance from the Group, we repaired an old public water tank accommodating 200 square meters, built 8 wrong lanes from Shangnonggu to Longhuai, eliminated two huge hidden rocks, and solved drinking water security and traffic safety problems for the masses.When the epidemic hit, Wei Jiaqin took the initiative.Nongu village is far away from the township health center. In order to timely implement the mass vaccination work, he led the village party members and cadres to mobilize households, and provided free pick-up service for the masses in difficulty. The team picked up more than 150 people in total, and built a solid defense line against the epidemic.”On September 2 last year, Secretary Wei was sending people to the village health hospital for vaccination. When he was driving back to the village alone, there was a traffic accident on the way back. We sent him to the county hospital for treatment.Nonggu village branch secretary Mo Jingui said.”We must make up for lost time!Walking in the fields of Nonggu Village, a vibrant “spring ploughing map” laid out.After coming out of the hospital, Wei Jiaqin returned to Nonggu Village in a timely manner. He said, “Spring has come again, and Lingyun county has pressed the shortcut key of normalizing the management of epidemic prevention and control, and resumed work and production in an orderly manner.With the help of the township Party committee and government, he led the village “two committees” busy in nonggu village, spring farming production, industrial development, out-migration for work, school resumption…roll up our sleeves to work harderBy 丨 wei xuan Li Xingchao editor 丨 Xie Yongcui Coordinating editor 丨 audit 丨 wen-chun huang huang yuan rong umpire | Lu Dingsong producer 丨 soar more wonderful information, please pay close attention to top gun push source hotline: 0776-7612060 guess you will see:• about stop for migrant workers free nucleic acid testing service announcements, baise COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work leading group headquarters notice on further unwinding domain control, promoting the development wholeheartedly for the people Sprint new “start” – lingyun county efficiently promote return to work rehabilitation work in reading 596 share collections 176 write down your message