The villagers of Shangmatou village eagerly look forward to a new life

2022-05-27 0 By

On the third day of the first lunar month, Hunan SATELLITE TV broadcast news coverage of smart agriculture in Shangmatou Village and yuanjiang rice, inspiring local farmers.They have said that in 2022, they will vigorously promote smart agriculture, grow better yuanjiang rice, and contribute to the construction of their hometown and serve the society.In shangpier village, Hunan SATELLITE TV news broadcast new farmers qingfeng year to take scenic spots, from Zhuzhou, Changsha home for the New Year wang Tianyang, Li Xiu with their children to play, visit scenic spots.They said that the topic they listened to most after returning home was the information about hunan SATELLITE TV’s New Year’s walk at the grassroots level. They were sincerely pleased with the rapid development of smart agriculture and yuanjiang rice industry in their hometown, with many regrets.”First of all, it feels like a brand new change,” Wang said. “The village’s agriculture is more mechanized, the grain output is better, and the roads are well built. It feels like a brand new change.”MC the Max said.”This time come back, feeling quite big changes in his hometown, hometown are richer than before, the rich now, especially in agriculture that on the one hand, has been growing particularly fast, returned home after having eaten the hometown of rice, feel is taste better than before, see the development of such a good situation, I think there are back agriculture which on the one hand, she also wants to come back,To build a better hometown.”Li Le ‘an is a native of shangpier village farmers, local agricultural production development process, he saw in the eyes, happy in the heart.Hunan TV’s publicity report on smart agriculture in Pier Village, he believes that the right place has been chosen to make an impact on local rice paddy farmers.”First of all, for the grain that we produce, the price will be higher, the price will be better, and it will increase the income of farmers,” said LEE.After dinner on the third day of the first lunar month, many members of yuanjiang Jiancheng Green Rice Professional Cooperative spontaneously gathered together to watch the news broadcast of Hunan SATELLITE TV and enjoy the smart agriculture of Shangmatou Village on TV.After watching the news broadcast on Hunan SATELLITE TV, the white people and the members of the cooperative said that it encouraged them and made them more confident in planting better yuanjiang rice next year.”Now we are full of confidence, as a large grain farmer in Shangmatou Village, we will give full play to the advantages of intelligent agriculture in Shangmatou Village in 2022, grow better quality rice, and make my due contribution to the society”.”He said, smiling at the white man.Through hunan TV’s Spring Festival grass-roots activities, the smart agriculture of Shangmatou Village and the geographical symbol of Yuanjiang city’s agricultural product “Yuanjiang rice” are widely known, which lays a solid foundation for the yuanjiang rice to go out of Yuanjiang and face the national market, and also brings new opportunities for promoting the rural revitalization of Shangmatou Village.