In the face of adverse situation, Li Zicheng held a military conference, we argue endlessly, how will he choose

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At the end of the Ming Dynasty, li Zicheng, the peasant rebel army, was faced with the following situation: on the one hand, the news of the Sun Chuanting division of the Shaanxi Army was getting more and more news;On the other hand, Zhang Xianzhong abandoned Wuchang and fled to Changsha, and Wuchang was recovered by the official army. Thus, Li Zicheng seemed to be in the situation of being attacked by the official army on both sides.Of course, For Li Zicheng, he had to choose between two choices: either to go east down the river and occupy Wuchang until the whole rich area of the South of the Yangtze River, or to go west and directly fight Sun Chuanting. Li Zicheng was inevitably confronted with a dilemma.Therefore, he specially summoned all the ministers and generals and three military advisers to a military council to discuss the purpose of using troops.Niu Jinxing said, “Although Sun Chuan-ting, the governor of the Qin Dynasty, has been ordered to set out for battle, his troops have not been trained yet, so he may not be able to march into Chu in a hurry.However, Wuchang is close at hand. If we do not take it as soon as possible, once we engage shaanxi Army in the future, the Chu army will be flanked from behind, and our army will not fall into the territory of enemy on both sides?In some foolish opinion, it is better to pour our elite troops and take Wuchang first.Wuchang both grams, our army also have no worries, at that time, and then moved to the west, sun Chuanting, retreat and retreat, is not good zai!”However, Yang Yongyu, another counsellor, disagreed. He said, “Wuchang was actually defeated by a broken army, with nine empty rooms and ten empty rooms. How can it be useless to acquire this empty city?Instead of abandoning Wuchang, jinling was first taken to cut off the grain road in Yanjing, then the southern capital was built, and then the army was led to attack it and took over Beijing. Wouldn’t that be more justified?”Song Xianchi, very puzzled, even don’t care about it, he hands to the people said: “rather than take jinling, wages, it is better to attack the Capital, so that the wind and dust, a quick battle!”Li Yan disapproved of this strategy: “It is easy to attack the Beijing division, Wuchang is close at hand, shaanxi army is urgent, if I point to the Beijing Division, Wuchang officer stabbed me on the back, how will that be good?Better to use my 30,000 elite troops, first to take Wuchang, and then make a fine map, how?”Li Zicheng has been listening to the civil servants and generals who express their opinions to listen to the opinions of the people, between the moment also made difficult, in his listening, it seems that each of them has their own reason, but where to go, the end is no agreement.Then he said to them with great seriousness, “The ministers and generals have their reasons, but each of them has his own opinion and does not agree on one thing.In my opinion, we still need to take a long-term view of the purpose of such a good plan. Instead of temporarily adjourning the meeting, we will wait for some time to consider and mature, and then decide on a perfectly moderate policy.”Before Li Zicheng finished his speech, gu Junen, who had been listening to the army with his eyes closed, immediately stood up and said to Li Zicheng and all the officials and generals present with a serious look: “Marshal, Gu has a word, I don’t know whether to speak or not?”Li Zicheng nodded his head and said with a smile, “Please speak up when you join the army.””A certain person thought that Jinling was located downstream, and though things were economical, it was too slow.And go straight to the Capital, it is a risk of luck, in case of numerous, there is no return, the foundation is lost, this policy is too hasty to advance.To Wuchang, then give up the lack of harm, after the bingxian, it was an empty city, and the defense is also more for the wounded, so, Wuchang was not suffering.Guanzhong, however, is a land of general Mulberry, with beautiful rivers and mountains, natural danger, prosperous population and abundant grain and grass. It is really an ideal base area. We should first take it to establish a foundation, then raid the three sides, use its troops to capture Shanxi, shanxi government is determined, and then go all out to advance the Capital.Gu junen spoke excitedly and excitedly, then sat down and watched Li Zicheng while waiting for the reaction of others.Li Yan listened to Gu junen’s straight talk about the advantages and disadvantages, while holding a cup of tea and tasting it carefully. As soon as Gu Finished speaking, he put down his cup of tea very happily, and then clapped his hands and exclaimed, “The idea of joining the army is very good, but it is a foolproof plan.Now Sun Chuan-ting was preparing to defend the Qin pass. However, the court issued a stern decree urging sun chuan-ting to hurry out of the pass and fight against us.When this time, Sun Chuanting will be soldiers will not be accustomed to, slack slack, take this opportunity, my vast army, the western attack, will be a drum can wipe it out.A few more months ‘delay, until his men and horses are accustomed to training, will be very difficult.”Liu Zongmin, who had been sitting on his seat and pulling out his teeth, had just taken out a piece of shredded chicken from between his teeth when he heard the words “It is difficult to deal with” and said angrily: “What is difficult to deal with, what is difficult to deal with, Master Liu will pick this difficult to deal with!”Song Xiance stood up and said to Liu zongmin, “General, don’t make jokes. This is not the time to make jokes.”Then, while looking at Li Zicheng, he said to the crowd, “Marshal, Song thinks that what Gu joined the army and Li’s army commander said is exactly right. Before, it seemed that both you and I had overlooked this guanzhong land.If a marshal wants to win the Capital, he must first establish a foundation, and Guanzhong is the ideal place.”As soon as Song Xiance finished, Niu Jinxing waked her head and said, “Marshal, I think it’s very good to join the army, and I think niu is in favor of taking Guanzhong first and then the Capital division. I hope marshal will decide.”Then he stooped down on his seat.Li Zicheng could not help being overjoyed that the generals and generals had agreed on the strategy of taking Guanzhong first and then moving to the Capital.He stood up with a wave of his hand and said, “Just as Gu joined the army and all the military commanders and generals said, the Qin state is a land of its own. Moreover, if the qin capital is occupied by two thirds of the country, it will be the best place to establish a state and start business.Then we can use our troops to take Shanxi and attack the Capital. In this way, we will have enough strength to advance and retreat, and meet the right circumstances to win.”He paused and then said, “I ordered gu Ke to build a large boat in Jingxiang in order to paralyze the officers and the army, and the main force of our army moved to the west, waiting for guanzhong.Parade on school field tomorrow.”The next day, I saw the whole campus, all the civil servants and military officers, soldiers and civilians, were gathered here, Shouting horses, swords, spears, swords, halberds, completely a pair of high-spirited, invincible momentum.On the parade platform, Li Zicheng immediately issued an order: Li Guo, Li Mou, Li Yunheng, Gu Kecheng, Gao Ligong, Lu Yingbiao, Ma Kuang, Bai Wang, etc., while building boats, while guarding the whole Jingxiang area.Li Shuangxi, Xiao Yuncun, Zhou Fengwu, Li Shouxin, Ma Weiguang, each with a force of 10, 000, took the first step to the west.The five generals ordered, immediately rate with their own troops and horses, vast and mighty out of the field, the second attack to the west.Two days later, after dealing with the necessary affairs of the Bixiangjing government and making some personnel adjustments, Li Zicheng led the main force of the peasant army and followed the vanguard troops of the Five routes to the west.Without a doubt, the article analyzes the military strategy, for the whole Ming dynasty military, is riding a tiger, on the one hand, land of shanxi, jin loyalist, the article analyzes the suddenly to the west, there is no thought and military preparation, the nature is caught off guard, they also how completely Mired in east through encirclement and suppression of dreams, but never thought,Li Zicheng but instead to the west to face the head up, against the guan Zhong, no matter how it is out of their expectation.When loyalist from shanxi, in the land, on the other hand, the article analyzes the west unprepared, wuchang, nanjing loyalist, the but again dare not to the west, they stay put, insist on defense, in case of li at the east, in fact, they could never be left-behind JingXiang shocked the peasant army of shipbuilding momentum, simply do not know, where the main article analyzes, so,Li Zicheng’s entire westward attack was free of worries.It is not difficult to imagine that when Sun Chuan-ting, who was guarding Xi ‘an, marched eastward to besiege Li Zicheng, and Li Zicheng went up, while Zuo Liangyu, who was stationed in Wuchang and Nanjing, attacked him westward with hundreds of thousands of strong troops. Then, what would li Zicheng’s fate be?In other words, what is the fate of all history?You know, Li Zicheng is along with this victory, and towards his final occupation of Beijing glory ah!However, history itself has no “ifs”.Li Zicheng led his army to the west and soon captured Yuzhou.Ming Yuzhou garrison Yang Fang and Zhang Lang knew the enemy but the peasant army offensive, had to surrender, open the gates to meet the peasant army into the city.As soon as Li Zicheng entered Yuzhou, he set up local officials to administer yuzhou.Then li Zicheng moved the headquarters of the entire peasant army to Shizhou for the convenience of commanding the whole army westward.From then on, the massive peasant army, beacon fire even the world to the west around the attack.