Adele is back on top of her life after losing 90 pounds and starting her career

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The 2022 Brit Awards were held in London on February 9, Beijing time.Adele was the biggest winner at the Brit Awards. She won album of the Year, Artist of the Year and song of the Year, making her the most decorated female artist in Brit history.Since her debut, Adele has won 15 Grammy Awards, one Golden Globe, one Oscar, four American Music Awards and eight Brit Awards.Not only has she gained fame, but she has also made a fortune, topping the list of the UK’s richest celebrities from 2016 to 2018.Adele’s divorce from her husband in 2019 has dragged on since then, and the death of her estranged father has cast a shadow over her career.Experience is the best material for writing. Adele’s “21” is about breaking up, and “25” is about reconciliation and making up, while her “30”, released at the age of 33, is about rebuilding herself and her inner world and rediscovering her own sense of self after her marriage ended.The album, 30, was released in November.People are especially happy to see divorced women who focus on career. Adele, who has lived in seclusion for half a year, finally showed her face. Her fans were happy as if they were celebrating the Spring Festival, and sighed “Live long see you” and “live long series”.Adele held a special 30 concert at the Greaves Observatory in Los Angeles.She emerged in the pink-purple twilight of La La Land, with the Hollywood Hills just across from her.Although she said, “MY fishtail dress is too tight to sit down,” the audience also felt that she was just right.She says she has lost 100lbs since then.The song “Rolling In The Deep” and “Someone Like You” were all based on feelings.The late Karl Lagerfeld once joked: “Adele is a bit too fat.”As a result, the fans didn’t buy it and protested, lagerfeld had to apologize.Since her divorce, Adele has posted photos of herself getting thinner and thinner, leading many to speculate that she started losing weight in an attempt to stave off criticism of her original voluptuous figure and cater to mainstream beauty.What made Adele laugh or cry was that in her early years she was fat and everyone told her to be thin.Now that she was really thin, people seemed to get used to the chubby Adele and found her more round.The divorce hit Adele so hard that she suffered from severe anxiety, and after a long period of meditation and therapy, she found the gym was the best way to relieve her anxiety and feel better about herself.”I thought if I could make my body strong, then maybe someday I could make my emotions and mind strong, too.”The death of her father Mark Evans was also devastating.He had abandoned his wife and daughter when she was three years old. He had been drinking too much and had been in poor physical and mental health. He had written to Adele many times in an attempt to patch up their relationship and even claimed to have had a drink with Adele to smooth things over.But Adele has denied reconciling with her father, contradicting him several times in public.According to foreign media, with billionaire Adele, does not seem to financially support his father, mark Evans reveal suffering from colorectal cancer early in 2013, has been working to maintain life, before he died in a delivery driver, a Courier company revenue at about 50 to 100 pounds, before also done plumbers, long-term renting in the little house in the suburbs.The singer, who has never forgiven her father and was in the midst of a $1.2 billion divorce from Simon Konecky, her husband 14 years older, in 2019, is clearly not in the mood to reembrace him.According to the source, despite the tension between her father and daughter, Adele was devastated to learn of his death, just a week after celebrating an apparently lonely 33rd birthday.Still, people noticed that Adele had changed.”I used to rely on the security of routine, but three years ago I threw myself into a maze of inner chaos.Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about myself, found a real healthy mindset to lead life, and I feel like I’ve finally found myself, and I’ve never been so calm in my life.”Illustrated and illustrated by Sensenshuo Bagua, Southern Metropolis Daily, Sina Entertainment Editor: Xingchi Responsible Editor: Huang Qizhe Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: