Even the game!Five men’s basketball players scored in double figures in Guangzhou, and Yuan shuai made 5 3-pointers and scored 20+6

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CBA playoffs continue, Shanxi men’s basketball and Guangzhou men’s basketball ushered in the second game.The last game of Guangzhou men’s basketball although very well restricted shanxi men’s basketball outside projection, but they did not play their rhythm throughout the game, the final score lost the game.The best of three format for Guangzhou, they are already standing on the edge of the cliff, there is no way back, go into the decider or go straight home.Guangzhou men’s basketball players in the game are full of energy, limit opponents outside at the same time played their own rhythm, although the game was very tight but Guangzhou men’s basketball finally won the game to pull back.The first quarter of the game began to try to find the two teams in the outside offensive touch, the score rose alternately.Guangzhou men’s basketball team began to take the lead after hitting three threes in a row. Shanxi men’s basketball team had problems on the offensive end and made iron in a row. Fortunately, Field scored four points in a row to help the team stabilize the situation.Shanxi men’s basketball constantly adjust, the offensive end gradually find the feeling, the score between the stalemate is constantly approaching, with Simmons outside hit, Shanxi men’s basketball to complete the reverse, the first quarter after the end of guangzhou men’s basketball 2 points behind.The second quarter of the game between the two teams to further enhance the intensity of confrontation and defensive intensity, shooting percentage obviously declined, whistles frequently sounded, played 4 minutes single quarter scored only 4, 5 points, Shanxi men’s basketball also eat technical foul, Guangzhou men’s basketball with free throws back to exceed the score.After half a quarter of the game, the two teams hit only one ball in 21 attempts. Shanxi broke the deadlock first, and Yuan Shuai hit two 3-pointers from the 3-point line, Shanxi again came back ahead.It is worth mentioning that the two teams hit 3 of 23 shots in the quarter, yuan shuai personally hit two 3-pointers.Guo shiqiang switched from a smaller team to a bigger one led by the twin towers, with Li Yanzhe playing five and Zheng Jun playing four, but problems appeared on the defensive end as Shanxi scored in succession to bring the lead to six points.Then still deadlocked half end of Guangzhou 4 points behind.The intensity of the third quarter is still not reduced, the two teams hit the same percentage is not high, but Guangzhou men’s basketball outside consecutive hits, half the game played a wave of 10-4 will lead the score.Yuan Shuai hit three points, Leaf side responded with a 2+1, the two teams once again back to the same starting line, the critical moment Shanxi men’s basketball outside line hit two consecutive three points, leading 2 points.Details start to guangzhou to defense, hit a 5-0, three points zhi-qiang xing response, shanxi with the second chance to equalise, the game continued stand-off, you come to me to both parties, the score rise alternately, three points ZhuMingZhen hit guangzhou 5 points, 3 minutes and 59 seconds left Chen Yingjun again in 3 minutes, finally guangzhou keep advantage in the end, to win the game.Shanxi offensive basketball side is always there, from low to from the field is not high, but when there is a match a stalemate, the original handsome can hit three key points, this is what they have been one of the important factors of rival stalemate, three original handsome 3-pointer at the end of the 9 5, made his career three points to history 33;They also did a great job of rebounding, leading their opponents by double digits, but unfortunately they shot too little and lost.This game guangzhou men’s basketball, the whole game guangzhou men’s basketball has always maintained a high intensity of defense, on the defensive end to Shanxi men’s basketball strength, to the opponent’s back guard line and ball holder to create a continuous sense of pressure, the opponent’s foreign aid limited to the downturn, the end of the three quarters of the game Shanxi foreign aid total of 24 5;And had six blocks in the game;In the offensive end of Guangzhou men’s basketball although the hit rate is not high but because of the opponent, the score stalemate always have the opportunity to complete the attack, ahead of the opponent, will eventually maintain the advantage to the end, big score into 1-1.Finally, guangzhou men’s basketball team won again.