Spring Festival gala magician interviewed, denied Liu Tao zhang Ruoyun Jia Nailiang is a trust, the flaw in Sa Beining here

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Every year Spring Festival Gala, always little magic show, the audience to the magician Liu Qian memory, he performed close-range magic in 2009 Spring Festival Gala “magic hand god color”, find the host Dong Qing with the performance, dong Qing ring into the egg, the magic let him overnight fame, Dong Qing was also questioned as a trust for a long time.Liu Qian no Spring Festival gala this year, but the magic show is still in, by the magician Deng Man performing “Ying Fu Na Spring”, just look at the name found that the meaning is very good, his whole performance flowing water, left a deep impression on the audience.The audience all focused on the star artists who interacted with Deng. He interacted with Jia Nailiang, Zhang Ruoyun, Liu Tao and Sa Beining successively. After dong Qing’s “experience”, Jia Immediately shouted: “I am not a trust.”After the performance, Liu Tao also updated the dynamic: “Yes!I held up the small sa of the tiger.”Create suspense for the magic.In fact, with Deng man’s interaction in the first half of the three stars Jia Nailang, Zhang Ruoyun, Liu Tao, they are not entrusted.After the magic show, the media released deng man interviewed video, Deng man denied Jia Nailiang, Zhang Ruoyun, Liu Tao is to: “they only know to have an interaction with the magician.”For the magician, if the trick of the magic in advance to tell them, the participants surprised expression will certainly be different from the natural surprise, obviously, whether It is Not to shout Jia Nailiang, or liu Tao came to the stage after the surprise expression, are true enough.Zhang Ruoyun also seriously participate in it, after getting the Rubik’s cube hard to twist the rubik’s cube, really some funny.In fact, the whole magic flaw, appeared in sa Beining body.Sa Beining “broke the wall and out” after a surprised expression is very funny, the mouth also said “I am not to”, but the side of the Deng man some stretched, teasing him as “actor”.It was obvious that Sa Beining knew how he got out and the secret of the magic.At the same time, the audience found that the magic through help, Sa Beining out before the camera has been on the stage, can not see both sides of the rubik’s cube wall, Sa Beining broke the wall, has been standing on the left side of the Rubik’s cube wall, the camera had to follow.At this time, the audience found that behind the rubik’s Cube wall, there was a lot of space, enough to accommodate an adult, Sa Beining out before, should be hidden in this space, there are also netizens ridicule, this year is the fastest crack magic year.