Weifang Binhai Fire rescue Brigade to carry out “3.15” fire products special inspection activities

2022-05-30 0 By

China Shandong network – Perception Shandong March 15 – in order to further strengthen the supervision and management of fire products, crack down on fake and shoddy fire products, constantly improve the fire prevention ability and social public safety level, effectively eliminate the quality problems of fire products from the source.Recently, Weifang Binhai Fire rescue Brigade in-depth area units continue to carry out “3.15” fire products special inspection.The brigade supervisor makes full use of the “double random, one open” fire supervision system to carry out random sampling inspection of fire products supervision.Inspection, the inspection team focusing on various enterprises fire hose, fire hose reel, fire hoses, fire control interface, indoor fire hydrant, fire emergency lighting lamps and lanterns, filtration type fire self-rescue respirator, fire extinguishers, fire valve, smoke fire damper, fire hydrant box, such as fire control products, through the appearance inspection, check the batch number, function test, check methods such as market access,Whether the appearance, performance, structural components and materials of fire products meet the requirements, whether to obtain the relevant testing report, 3C certification certificate, whether the specifications and models are consistent with the certification certificate or inspection report and so on have been verified one by one, and the unit is required to strictly implement the main responsibility, firmly establish the quality awareness of fire products,Resist the fire fighting products with fake certification and inconsistent with market access, report the fake and shoddy fire fighting products actively, and ensure the quality of all kinds of fire fighting products meet the standards.Through this inspection, further improve and standardize the fire product market order, improve the unit head for fire protection product authenticity of fire safety awareness and discrimination, to eliminate a batch of because of the fire hidden danger of fire control products quality is not qualified, effectively guarantee the jurisdiction on the life and property safety of the general public, create a good fire safety environment for the jurisdiction to lay a solid foundation.