Yucheng Yingbin Road Primary School 2022 all teachers conference

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The 2022 Teachers’ Conference of Yucheng Yingbinlu Primary School will ring hard and open a new chapter.In order to ensure the smooth development of the new semester, at 9:00 a.m. on February 13, all the staff of Yucheng Yingbin Road Primary School held the 2022 Education and teaching conference in the lecture hall.Standing at the beginning of the new semester, the principal Zhou Xiaojun gave a report on the work of the new semester with the theme of “building a solid security line, raising the sails to forge ahead”.He pointed out that the general tone of the new school year is to “keep the bottom line of safety and climb to the top of teaching”.Safety is the first guarantee and teaching is the top priority.Reviewed the school’s excellent results in the past semester, highly affirmed the work of all teachers.We will continue to build a safe and civilized campus, create excellent teaching results, educate people for the Party and the country, let the Party and the government rest assured, and do education that the people are satisfied with.Director Zhao Hongzhen arranged education and teaching work Director Zhao Hongzhen summarized the school semester to carry out the education and teaching work and achieved results, deployment of the new semester of education and teaching arrangements, indicated the direction of the new semester teachers need to work hard, and finally conveyed the city education and Sports bureau of education work conference of the document spirit.Commend excellent classes and teachers first of all, commend the excellent classes of last semester.Teachers teach by word and deed, creating a positive class atmosphere.The next step is to recognize outstanding teachers.Peaches and plumes do not speak, yet a path is formed beneath them.They actively engaged in education and teaching work and achieved excellent results.Jiao Zhenzhen director deployment school safety work jiao Zhenzhen director put forward people-oriented, peace is a blessing.All the teachers and students should set up the concept of “safety first” from the thought, up and down to speak safety, always and everywhere to grasp safety, solid security, and make safety awareness deeply rooted in the people.Director Dong Zhenhua made arrangements for epidemic prevention and control work, conveyed the latest requirements of epidemic prevention and control, arranged related matters of epidemic prevention and control drill, and encouraged everyone to work together to strictly follow the epidemic prevention and control work.Gao Qingcheng, vice principal, pointed out that according to the requirements of the compulsory reporting system, all teachers resolutely fulfill the compulsory reporting obligation. If they find relevant clues, they should immediately report to the public security organ or report to the public security organ, and at the same time report to the competent administrative organ for the record.Law back to the age of frost less late, spring to the human vegetation.Send out the old year and usher in the new.All the teachers of Yucheng Yingbinlu Primary School have committed themselves to the strong ring of the new semester, and have braced themselves with one heart. With a new look, they have fulfilled their mission with vigorous energy.Editing by Zan Yuejuan Yan Yulin Picture by Zan Yuejuan Lin Meihui Review by Zhao Hongzhen And Zhang Yan