Huidong: Big platform to carry big industry and promote big development

2022-05-31 0 By

GDP reached 71.087 billion yuan, up 11.2% year on year, ranking third in the city……In the past year, The economy of Huidong County has maintained rapid development and achieved a good start of the 14th Five-Year Plan.The rapid development of manufacturing industry is a bright spot in huidong’s economic operation.Last year, the industrial industry of Huidong County achieved 24.83 billion yuan in added value, up 16.7%, with a two-year average growth of 9.4%. The industry accounted for 34.9% of GDP, 3.4 percentage points higher than the previous year.Industry is the cornerstone of regional economic development.In recent years, Huidong industry has maintained rapid development.On the one hand, the settlement of huidong large and medium-sized enterprises are gradually increasing.At present, there are 58 enterprises with output value of more than 100 million yuan in Huidong County, 10 more;On the other hand, the characteristic manufacturing production of Huidong is accelerated and the proportion is further increased.Last year, the output value of huidong shoe-making enterprises reached 4.22 billion yuan, up 31.7%;The electronics industry achieved an output value of 3.13 billion yuan, up 45.2%.In the past year, Adhering to the principle of “project is king”, Huidong set up 18 special teams for major projects to promote the early signing, construction and production of projects, and continuously expand the “pile head” of manufacturing industry.Under the background of Huizhou promoting the quality and efficiency improvement of “3+7” industrial park, Huidong prioritized the resources to the park, and pushed the new material area to become bigger and stronger and the transfer park area to improve the quality and upgrade, so as to carry the big industry and promote the big development with a big platform.At present, huidong layout of all kinds of large project construction momentum is good.Among them, taiping Ling Nuclear Power Project phase I accelerated construction, port offshore wind power project completed the onshore centralized control center and transmission lines;The operation building of the Chinese Academy of Sciences heavy ion accelerator was closed, and the accelerator driving transmutation research device was started.The main projects of science and Technology Innovation Center and Runze (the first phase) data Center in Huizhou New Materials Industrial Park were successfully capped.Next, Huidong will accelerate the integration of shenzhen-Rongwan by promoting high-speed rail, high-speed, aviation, ports and other diversified transportation, forming a traffic pattern of “external connectivity and internal circulation”.