Jiangsu Xuzhou bride does not get off, aunt turned away, “get off ceremony” did not talk about

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A family in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, had an argument over gifts even before their wedding ceremony.It happened in the countryside of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. The brides were taken to the groom’s village, and the villagers were waiting at the gate.The groom and accompanying relatives sat in a silver car, one of them holding a red umbrella trimmed with hearts.It was a grand wedding, and all the villagers had made full preparations. The trees at the entrance of the village were covered with banners and ribbons to celebrate.However, at this time, change suddenly unripe, the bride family closed the door, refused to get off, but rolled down the window, seems to be in and the groom to discuss what.Distant villagers unknown so, have asked how the bride has not come down, what happened?Then, a man’s voice from the car, beckoning the driver to leave, and the bride’s aunt got out of the car, ignoring the concerns of the surrounding villagers, turned and headed for the village entrance.Some of the groom’s men knew something was wrong when the bride looked ill and stopped her, but the sister broke free and turned away.The bride did not get out of the car until the video was over.Many Internet users do not know what is called “getting off”, in some areas of the wedding custom, there is the custom of “getting off”, that is, at the groom’s home, a sum of money must be paid before the bride gets off.Gift giving is a symbolic gift of money, usually for a prize, 6 or 8, not too much bride price, as long as it is medium size.There will be a gift, and there will be a gift, and there will be an exchange fee, all paid by the groom’s family.The so-called boarding ceremony is when the bride gets into the groom’s car and the groom pays for it.The bride’s car pulled up at the village gate and it was clear that the dowry and gifts had been well negotiated and nothing had happened except that the wedding had changed at the last moment.Judging from her look, she should have discussed something with the groom, and the final result was not very good, even the language conflict, so she turned to leave in anger.