Make “difficult questions” no longer “difficult questions”

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Life is made up of details, and people’s happiness and sense of gain are often determined by these insignificant things.On February 17, People’s Daily 4 published a report titled “Consultation on Demand — Difficult problems are easy to solve and good things are easy to discuss”, giving praise to the Consultation on Yunnan Dali Dam:Dali in yunnan province where the street is located in the urban and rural joints fusion community, congestion for a long time, have the representative in the embanked courtyard negotiation meeting, after consultation discussion, formed a “thin” management idea, we decided to use a village idle space construction of the parking lot, at the same time fusion allocated more than 100 free stall outside the market, create a “community” night market.Two seemingly contradictory problems, in the process of the dam negotiation, the voices of all parties involved collided and their views merged, and the “largest common diator” was found and the “largest concentric circle” was drawn, which became no longer difficult to be mentioned, fully demonstrating the important role of “it is easy to discuss something, and everyone’s affairs should be discussed by everyone”.With the development of economy and society, the focus of grassroots governance in China is gradually transforming from economic development to social governance.Social governance involves the daily life of the masses of the people, education, employment, medical and pension, culture and sports, many aspects, such as living environment, social order, on the surface are some trivial things, or breakfast stalls lampblack to stain the residents upstairs, or aunt the square dance too loud to disturb the residents normal rest,Or community residents walking dogs without leasehold scare the elderly and children…But life is made up of little things, and people’s happiness and sense of gain are often determined by these little things.Social governance, in the final analysis, is to establish mechanisms to properly and promptly handle these trivial matters closely related to people’s lives.Small things are not small, many small life intertwined, tangled together, the interests of the complex, will be like a difficult ball of thread, become “difficult to mention the problem”.The key to the difficult problem lies in the diversity of subjects, and the interests of each subject are different.Therefore, it is necessary to establish a discussion mechanism that accommodates the participation of diverse subjects, and further improve the system of social coordination and public participation.In recent years, around in grassroots social governance, explore the many successful cases and experience, such as “democratic communion”, “the villagers’ representatives” and four “LiangGongKai” adjust measures to local conditions of ground gas exploration, and put forward such as “, discussion, and overseers, review “, “said, talk about, ask, do, review” and a series of relative institutionalized,Let the grassroots people really participate in the regular decision-making at the grassroots level.Practice has proved that adhering to the principle of “discussing matters easily, and letting everyone discuss matters that concern everyone” is an important guarantee for resolving difficult problems.This is a valuable wisdom embodied in China’s fine traditional culture and an important reflection of the Party’s mass line in the political field.The process of consulting and handling affairs is a process of promoting democracy and pooling wisdom. It is also a process of scientific and democratic decision-making. It is also a process of realizing that the people are the masters of the country.Entering the new era, the people’s pursuit of a better life urgently require us to quickly improve the level and effectiveness of social governance.By learning from the experience of yunnan Courtyard and dam consultation, constructing various forms of consultation platforms and mechanisms, and allowing all parties to participate widely and express rationally, we can spread “good voices” and form “golden ideas” in communication and dialogue, resolve conflicts, reach consensus, and gather a powerful force to promote the solution of all problems.All articles published by caiyun net comment represent the author’s personal views and have nothing to do with the position of this website.Welcome to pay attention to caiyun website comments, contribution email, good payment.A session of the Olympic Games writing a moving story, through their story, we strongly feel, what is hard work, what is honor, what is to win glory for the country.