Tianjin tax system actively participates in epidemic prevention and control: Thumbs up for “tax blue” in the face of epidemic

2022-06-02 0 By

“Thank you for taking the heavy burden to help complete the territory ‘big screen’ work…”In recent days, letters of thanks from the community have expressed their respect for the volunteers in the tianjin tax system.At the same time, a large number of tax staff stick to their posts, emergency special handling, ensure the tax service “non-stop”, together to show the responsibility of “tax blue”.The reporter learned from the Municipal Tax Bureau that all units of the municipal tax system took the initiative to accept the unified command of the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters, formulated detailed work plans, and groups of Party members, cadres and young backbone formed volunteer service commandos to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work in the communities.Some of them are old faces who have participated in the screening for several times, and some are new ones who have participated in the work for the first time.All participants were meticulous in setting up tents, placing desks and chairs, pasting police cordons, scanning codes and inputting information, maintaining the order of the scene, and even carrying the heavy daily items of the community residents back and forth from the gate of the community to the building.Volunteers from the Taxation Bureau of Xiqing District took the initiative to help residents buy vegetables, fruits and common medicines, and assisted elderly people living alone and their children to report safety via video link.In order to help prevent and control the epidemic, the Taxation Bureau of Wuqing District has sent more than 200 officials and staff members to volunteer for the community.Volunteers from Hebei District Tax Bureau, wearing protective suits and carrying sample boxes, followed medical staff into designated medium-risk areas and controlled areas to collect nucleic acid samples door-to-door, and assisted in strict and comprehensive elimination and screening.Tax officials not only took an active part in volunteer service for epidemic prevention and control, but also ensured continuous tax payment service and tax and fee reduction assistance.”Our village sealed control, tax control disc in the unit, this tax declaration can do?”After receiving a call for help from the financial officer of Tianjin Youpeng Yongyue Industry and Trade Co., LTD., the Tax bureau of Wuqing District patiently guided the other party to successfully handle the delayed declaration through the electronic tax bureau.Binhai High-tech Zone tax Bureau takes the initiative to open a green channel for taxpayers with special needs and payers.Antai Yinke Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was in urgent need of issuing invoices for project funds of about 3 million yuan. The tax staff quickly started the special service mechanism and provided pre-examination services through wechat video. It only took half a day for the enterprise to get the required VAT invoices in the first time.The person in charge of the company exulted: “The tax authorities helped us solve the thorny problem of using tickets during the epidemic in a timely manner. Thumbs up for their service!”