The Lakers got ripped off by the 29th team?Hot contract turns bad after only 1 year, latest fix makes stupid mistake

2022-06-03 0 By

Beijing time on February 3, the NBA trade deadline this season has been more and more close, for the Los Angeles lakers, this is a very critical period, as they want to change the team worse now, may need some trading reinforcing, but embarrassed is that the lakers now hand asset is extremely limited,The lakers had previously tried to trade Tucker to Sacramento for Hield, but the Kings declined, but tucker is now a more tradeable player that the lakers can offer.Even so, the lakers’ most valuable trade chip, as far as other teams are concerned, is practically worthless.Today reporter Marc Stein wrote about the situation of Lakers player Taron Horton Tucker.Stein said the lakers have long wanted to use Tucker as a complement, but that tucker’s current value is so low that it’s not like last season’s deadline rush.Stein said the lakers aren’t close to a deal, that Russell Westbrook rumors are unrealistic, and that the lakers will be prepared to do nothing until the deadline.Marc Stein’s point of view speaks to the lakers’ dilemma, and at this point, the lakers may have to admit that they were a fool to sign Tucker for $30.78 million over three years.It was a move that locked up the lakers’ padding and made it impossible for them to keep Caruso.Not only that, but the much-anticipated Tucker hasn’t shown much improvement, averaging 9.9 points, 3.3 rebounds and 2.5 assists on 40.7 percent shooting and 24.8 percent from 3-point range so far this season.In addition to the worst offensive efficiency, tucker now show basketball IQ is also worrying, he on the field of vision is poor, most of the time only can choose to go it alone, and is no brain type to break through to the basket, often not the opponent big hat his mistakes is to sell, although occasionally there are some play a good game, but on the whole,It’s not worth giving him $30.78 million for 3 years.You could even say that Tucker has gone from being a hot commodity a year ago to a bad contract that no other player wants.Some fans even joked that the lakers were cheated by 29 other teams last season, that they were in a hurry to sign tucker, that they were in a rush to sign him, and that they let go of a really good player, which ultimately screwed the lakers.This is a joke, but it has to be admitted that the lakers management’s vision is really very bad.Not just in tuck and Westbrook’s operations, but in the years of bolting.And the lakers were wrong again on the most important play of the year.According to Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer, if Millsap is bought out, the Lakers could be his next destination.According to previous reports, Millsap has reached an agreement with the Nets to find a team where he can contribute more, and the Lakers are one of the players interested in millsap.Many fans believe that the Lakers’ choice is very operational, although they have not officially acquired Millsap, but this idea is completely wrong.The Nets are also shorthanded this season, but they haven’t given Millsap much of a chance. Millsap is averaging 3.4 points and 3.7 rebounds on 37.6 percent shooting so far this season, and he’s running out of gas at age 36.As you can imagine, the lakers got him is difficult to a substantial increase, even waste a quota, therefore, the choice and introduction of being discarded nets off-season small Jordan as bad, again in recent years is reviewed, and the lakers at the time of reinforcement, always seems to consider the other big names is not big, but don’t care whether the other is old, state not line,It’s no wonder the lakers’ front office has been criticized this season by outsiders, even lakers celebrities, for being stupid.