Xinyang Huangchuan County education and Sports bureau power of a middle and high school start online teaching

2022-06-03 0 By

Recently, huangchuan county, Xinyang city epidemic prevention and control situation is complex and changle.In order to effectively reduce the risk of epidemic spread, ensure the health and life safety of teachers and students, and reduce the impact of epidemic to students to the lowest, according to relevant requirements, Huangchuan County Education and Sports Bureau actively help one middle and high school started online teaching work.In order to ensure that online teaching is carried out in an orderly, effective and high-quality way, the school has formulated the online teaching plan of “Suspension without suspension” based on the actual situation, and made meticulous and thorough arrangement and deployment for online teaching.This online teaching is for grade one, grade two and grade one, using the “Classroom in the Air” public welfare information platform of Wanpeng Education.County education and sports bureau video education center actively docking with the school, provide online teaching platform resources, for online teaching platform operation and network, technology and other problems, organize technical backbone personnel, at any time to answer questions for teachers and students.The launch of huangchuan No. 1 High School classroom in the air gives full play to the advantages of modern information technology and network, which is not only an emergency action against epidemic situation, but also the application display of the important achievements of “Internet + education”.At the same time, it shows the initiative of the education department, the courage to take responsibility of the school, and the courage to actively serve the students.Xia Lei Weng Qibing/photo provided by China Daily