Blood drawn in Cambodia: Taken out of the country at gunpoint and sold to the Park for $18,500

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On February 15, upstream news reported that “jiangsu boy was critically ill in Cambodia after blood was drawn 7 times by online fraud gang, and embassy police have been involved” quickly went viral.A man born in the 1990s in Yancheng, Jiangsu province, said that after he was kidnapped to Cambodia, he was tortured and had his blood drawn for refusing to participate in online fraud. “Three bottles of blood were taken every month and a half,” he said.On February 12, he was rescued by the China-Cambodia Volunteer team at the First Hospital of China And Cambodia.With the help of medical experts from the First China-Cambodia Hospital and local charity organizations, he has now passed the critical stage.At noon on February 15, upstream news reporters interviewed the party Li Ya-yuan lun.Upstream News: When will the Phnom Penh police and people from the Chinese Embassy come to investigate?Li Yayuanlun: The embassy staff called and said that they would come to the ward together in the afternoon (February 15th).Upstream News: How did you get out?Xiao Li: I escaped with the help of people inside. I can’t say specifically, for the personal safety of the good Samaritan.Upstream News: Why is this insider helping you?Who put you in touch with the China-Cambodia Volunteer Team?Xiao Li: The other party couldn’t bear to look at me any more. They couldn’t bear to see that I was dying, so they tried to save me.Then a Chinese, who went by the online name Yiju in Cambodia, helped put the team in touch.They took the blood out of you. How many milliliters of the bottle?Did you know it was for sale?Why would they take your blood?Xiao Li: More than 350 ml in a glass bottle.I could not see the time in the inside, almost every other month, two bottles of blood to draw my blood, a total of 7 times, the last time was to prick my forehead to draw blood.I don’t know if they sold it.But they paid me to engage in Internet fraud, to get money from China, I refused to participate.They couldn’t get money out of me, they had to squeeze money out of my body, squeeze a penny a penny, because they couldn’t lose money.Upstream News: How did you get involved in this black chain?Xiao Li: I’m looking for a job in China. I was kidnapped from China.I worked as a security guard in Shenzhen, Beijing, and then from Beijing to Guangxi.Taken to the border in Pingxiang, Guangxi, [I] was pulled to a car by two men.They put a gun to my waist and went straight across the border to Vietnam.Ho Chi Minh City was the first stop, and then I was taken by boat to Sihanoukville, Cambodia.Li Yayuan Lun is now receiving proper medical treatment. Photo source: China Cambodia Volunteer Team’s photo was “sold” for $18,500.To whom?Li: I don’t know how much it was sold for, but it ended up being sold to a company in Chinatown for $18,500.This company is engaged in fraud, the people inside are all engaged in network investment fraud.Upstream news: those who engage in network investment fraud is a gang?Xiao Li: Those are groups.These “campuses” (local jargon for online investment fraud syndicates) are all over Cambodia.In every company there are people who have been detained, beaten and abused.People like me, who escaped, were lucky.The reason why I did not specifically mention this good Samaritan is that there is usually only one front man in the park. When I tell the media, they can easily find this person. I have to think about his safety.These guys get their revenge pretty good.Source upstream news reporter Feng Shengyong