Shadow force wave | Spring Festival “qualifying” staged a stunning reversal, why can “Hitman” reverse attack

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The fourth day of the Spring Festival, the eight films in the ranking appeared a big reversal, in addition to continue to lead the “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake”, the box office of the second place was the previously insignificant “The Killer is not too cool”, has broken 800 million.Many people originally thought that it would hit the street, small cost and small production, coupled with mahua happy in recent years to play rotten terrier, lost popularity.This counterattack in addition to the right time and place, the main actor Wei Xiang achieved the intertext of the play outside the play, the Easter eggs choked with gratitude, but also to the audience brought a strong sense of departure, this and.There are five live-action films, including “Watergate Bridge” and “Sniper”, both of which are war films about fighting against the United States and aiding North Korea.The original thought of Han Han’s “four seas” will be a comedy, the result han Han failed, brought a movie like sibu, word-of-mouth dropped;Wonder and Stupid Kids is comedy, but more inspirational;In this way, the Killer is the only comedy in the Spring Festival season.Comedy is the integrity of the Spring Festival just need, for many people, figure were like the Spring Festival, in the “tap water” amway reputation fermentation, “the killer is not very calm” successfully won a row of high proportion, by the 4th afternoon ticket, it accounted for 23.4%, and the gate bridge of long jin lake was 31.5%, the box office are also rising.”The Killer is not too calm” is adapted from the work, adapted from the original script is very solid, adapted from the 2008 Japanese comedy film “Magic Time”, by “identity dislocation” and “fake do” to create jokes, douban points up to 8.3, also won the 32nd Japan Film Academy Award for best film nomination.From the plot of “The Killer is not too cool”, it is not difficult to see that 95% of the joke of the whole film, almost all focus on the “dislocation” setting.Extra actors unknowingly “play” the mysterious killer, and this strong mismatch can easily create multiple dramatic conflicts.Admittedly, the formula for this kind of comedy movie is old, but it’s also classic, and with the original script to back it up, as long as the director and the writer don’t let their hair down too much, it’s probably not too bad.From the perspective of the comment of film test, not only praised jokes, there is also a critical terrier gold, weep with smile, the sound of a shout, “more than expected, very standard and decent business comedy, this time not under three way, without excrement fart urine”, “the film dislocation across the channel to chat to an extreme, fan shadow terrier also had a slip, even challenge the classic singin ‘in the rain,Not too timid “, “There is no forced value, all the crying points and burning points fall back to the laugh point”…The audience turned to tap water and began to cheer the movie to those around them.It was the first time for the 42-year-old Wei to play a leading actor, and it won unanimous recognition from the audience, who praised it as “a walking funny machine”.He was a walk-on in the movie, and in real life, he was a walk-on.In this way, in and out of the play, he has achieved from the “extra actor” to the “male number one” jump.In fact, Wei Xiang has appeared in popular films such as “The Richest man in Xihong City”, “Hello, Li Huanying” and “Pegasus”. I believe that most people failed to remember him.Wei Xiang said in an interview that before he learned acting, he was very confused about his future and had no goal in life. After he learned acting, he decided to be an actor.To be able to work so hard for so long on this road, is to rely on their own love of performance in support.In “The Killer is not so calm”, Wei Xiang’s partner is Ma Li, Ma Li said in an interview with the media, when talking about Wei Xiang, “It is not to say how important it is to be red, red means that your efforts and efforts are recognized by everyone.Wei Xiang finally met his first male no.1. I hope he can be recognized by the audience.”This time, Wei Xiang not only played the leading role, but also proved that he played the role well.What’s more, the film’s end egg gives the audience a strong sense of departure.Last year, there was a buzzword called “exit feeling,” which basically means that the audience’s immediate reaction to the movie is temporary, and if they walk out of the theater, they can still remember it and take action on amway, or buy a derivative, that’s a pretty successful movie.In the Easter egg, Wei Xiang received the finishing bouquet. He had been introducing his participation in the film project before and after, but suddenly he said that he had been an extra actor and thanked the director for giving him the opportunity, because this is the first time he has played the leading role in more than 20 years of acting.This SOB to speechless, so that the audience quite moved.At this time, a paragraph popped up on the subtitle: “Between failure and success, there is only one effort”. It looked like chicken soup, but the effect was very good to the audience. Many viewers were moved to take out their mobile phones to take pictures of this sentence, and the screenshots were posted on Wechat moments.Therefore, there is a kind of resonance in and out of the play, which delivers positive power to the audience. Small people do not have to feel sorry for themselves and doubt themselves, but stick to their dreams, work hard and choose kindness, and they can also achieve a better life.In fact, this is a bit like the theme of the movie “Miracle. Stupid Kids” next door: miracles exist because of belief.Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Kong Xiaoping proofread Su Yun