Where do we go during Spring Festival?Jiangxi activities are all here, hurry to see!

2022-06-04 0 By

In order to welcome the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics, during the Spring Festival in 2022, jiangxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism will carry out a series of tourism promotion activities of “Welcome the Winter Olympics · Warm Spring Festival Tour in Jiangxi”. More than 800 cultural and tourism activities will be arranged throughout Jiangxi province.All over the province, artistic performances are carefully arranged, and various mass cultural activities such as bringing culture into thousands of people, including intangible cultural heritage into scenic spots, exhibitions and performances are organized.According to the needs of the people, more and better spiritual and cultural food will be delivered to ordinary people’s homes in ways that are pleasing to the people.Public cultural service institutions such as museums, memorial halls, cultural centers and public libraries throughout the province create a strong “New Year flavor” for the masses by carrying out social and educational activities with the theme of the New Year, performing folk customs in the New Year, and volunteering to send Spring Festival couplets.For more information, please scan the QR code below