Yuquan District People’s Court of Hohhot: “Epidemic” line cloud mediation to help the masses solve disputes

2022-06-04 0 By

Against the severe situation of epidemic prevention, the Yuquan District People’s Court of Hohhot has taken the initiative to take online “cloud mediation” and “online litigation service” to ensure that cases are handled online during the epidemic.Recently, yuquan District people’s Court accepted a entrusted contract dispute case.Therefore, it was during the epidemic control period, so the court session could not be held on-site. However, the parties expressed their desire to settle the dispute as soon as possible.After obtaining the consent of both parties, it was decided to conduct the proceedings online through “cloud Court”.At 9:30am on March 21, 2022, judge Li Yaru held an online trial in the First Court of Yuquan District People’s Court through voice and video communication. After preliminary understanding of the case, the judge thought that the case met the conditions for mediation, and immediately began to patiently persuade the original defendant and the defendant.Judge Li Yaru to resolve the contradiction in the source of the principle, xiao to love, move to reason for both sides to do mediation work.After the patient guidance of judge Li Yaru, the two parties reached a mediation agreement after an online trial lasting more than an hour.The defendant agreed to pay the plaintiff a lump sum in arrears and interest and to bear the costs of handling the case.The online session of the entrusted contract dispute ended successfully.Next, yuquan district people’s court will be more to take “the people’s court mediation platform”, “cloud to court” and other online way to actively promote the online filing, online session, online mediation effective online litigation activities, such as independence and improve the quality, protect and maintain the parties to the litigation rights and lawful rights and interests, give full play to the information technology advantage,Deepening the online litigation service model.(Contributed by Yuquan District People’s Court)