China clinched qualification for the 2023 World Cup by beating Vietnam 3-1

2022-06-05 0 By

Having fought their way through the group stage without bloodshed, The Chinese women faced resistance in the knockout stage.China clinched a spot at the 2023 Women’s World Cup by scoring three goals in a 3-1 comeback win over Vietnam in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup on Jan 30.China dominated the opening minutes of the game, but Vietnam’s Nguyen Thi Thurong shot home from outside the penalty area in the 11th minute after Lina Yang misplayed the ball.The deficit did not last long as China threatened in the 24th minute when Wang Shanshan’s cross caused the Vietnamese goalkeeper to slip away and Wang Shuang converted the shot to give China a 1-1 equaliser.It was Wang’s fifth goal of the tournament and her third consecutive game of scoring.After the equaliser, China repeatedly threatened but failed, and even with a commanding lead in possession percentage (over 70 percent) and shots on goal (14-3), they could only go into the second half 1-1.Fortunately, after the midfield adjustment of the Chinese women’s football team did not give opponents any chance.In the 52nd minute, Wang Shanshan turned and scored her fourth goal of the tournament after a key pass from wang Shuang, who was advancing from the right.Just over a minute later, Wang shuang sent an excellent pass from almost the same position and an unmarked Tang shot into the net to make it 3-1 for China.At 22:00 on February 3, China will face one of its strongest opponents in the Asian Cup, Japan in the semi-final.Author: Gu Miao Editor: Chen Haixiang Editor: Shen Lei