What is she going to do?Wang Meng: I didn’t understand han Yutong’s tactics in the final

2022-06-05 0 By

Cui Minjing of South Korea won the women’s 1500m short-track speed skating final at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games on Feb 16. Han Yutong of China finished seventh.Han Yutong in the race after the first speed down the tactics, set off a hot topic.Wang Meng, the Olympic champion who commentated on the match, said frankly that Han’s tactics in the final “didn’t understand”.Before the match, Wang meng said: “If Han adopts aggressive play, it doesn’t mean much to her.She does not seem to be able to control the pace of the court, will only put this one power out at once.I hope she can give herself a good position in this process, and then she can give full play to her ability. Maybe she will get a better ranking.”In the first half of the race, Han suddenly started to take the initiative and rushed to the first place, and opened a relatively large distance with the second group.But then it suddenly stalled, got back into the middle of the pack, and was gradually overtaken by the opponent.Regarding this tactical setting, Wang Meng commented: “Tong Sister wants to go up, what does she want to do?Tong sister this all of a sudden too sudden.I don’t understand han Utong’s tactics today, how do you feel like playing with Cui Minjing?It’s all slow back there.”Zhou Yang said, “Actually Tongtong is a very strong skater. We call her Dali Tong jokingly.But today the last few laps were pretty even.”