Car wash people continue to upgrade and improve to better serve consumers

2022-06-06 0 By

We certainly do not want to buy a new car did not drive long need to frequently return to the factory for maintenance, so “anti-corrosion and anti-aging” is the owner of a car after all the year round need to learn knowledge, and by the spring special climate, this problem should pay particular attention to.Paint maintenance in time, spring rain more rain, acid components of the rain on the car paint corrosion, often blowing sand, and make the car surface easy to accumulate dust, wipe the car may scratch the car paint, so this season to wax the car, seal glaze, give the car paint more care.The choice of car wax also pay attention to, although ordinary solid wax can make the body bright as new, acid resistance is very poor, it is easy to leave watermark after rain, it is recommended to choose glaze or coating, prevent acid and dust effect is better, the protection effect is about 2-3 months.Regular car beauty treatments are becoming part of car consumption.At present, there are only more than 30,000 automobile beauty enterprises in China, and almost all of them are concentrated in large and medium-sized cities.Therefore, as the aftermarket of automobile beauty maintenance, automobile beauty industry still has great space for development.Car wash is positioned to provide quality and comprehensive car services for owners.