Our county held the first regular meeting of xinjiang TBEa Electric Power Source network charge storage photovoltaic power generation project special class

2022-06-06 0 By

Recently, our county held the first regular meeting of xinjiang TBEa Electric Power Source network load storage photovoltaic power generation project special class.Deputy secretary of the county party committee, County magistrate Li Junping presided over the meeting and speech.Liu Yong, member of the Standing Committee and executive deputy head of the county Party Committee, Feng Dingguo, member of the standing Committee of the county Party Committee and deputy head of the government of the county, Liu Yong, deputy head of the county, Chen Hongguang, deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and executive deputy director of the Management Committee of hongdong Economic and Technological Development Zone, and leaders of relevant units and enterprises attended the meeting.At the meeting, Huaxiang Group introduced the relevant situation of the project, the county Natural resources Bureau reported the project reserve situation, the county Party Committee standing committee, executive deputy county Magistrate Liu Yong reported the progress of the project in detail.In his speech, Li Junping asked the relevant departments to proceed from the overall situation, fully support the construction of the project, accelerate the preparatory work of the project, and do a good job of service for the enterprise.It is necessary to adhere to problem-oriented, project construction involves procedures, land approval, project land acquisition, infrastructure and other links. It is necessary to anchor the goal of grid connection, formulate and improve the work plan, reverse the construction period, wall map operation, ensure that all links are seamless, and speed up the progress of the project.We need to improve the working mechanism, assign special personnel to set up special teams, each of whom will perform their respective duties and fulfill their responsibilities. We need to implement a mechanism of regular scheduling, evaluation and consultation, and coordinate timely solutions to bottlenecks in project implementation so as to form synergy and provide a strong guarantee for project construction.