The fifth congress of the Haam District Chamber of Commerce and Industry (General Chamber of Commerce) concluded

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On the afternoon of April 1, the fifth congress of the Association of Industry and Commerce of Xianning District (General Chamber of Commerce) successfully completed the agenda and closed in the district cultural and sports Center.There should have been 156 delegates to the election congress, but 135 did, in accordance with the provisions of the election method of the General Assembly.The congress elected 109 executive members (directors) of the fifth executive Committee (Council) of the Federation of Industry and Commerce (GENERAL Chamber of Commerce);The fifth leading group and 40 standing members (standing directors) of the district Federation of Industry and Commerce (general Chamber of Commerce) were elected.Zhou Juan was elected chairman of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce and president of the district General Chamber of Commerce, while Lu Jing was elected executive vice chairman of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce and executive vice president of the district General Chamber of Commerce.At the closing ceremony, Chen Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and head of the United Front Work Department, pointed out that in the past five years, the District Federation of Industry and Commerce has steadily promoted the construction of chamber of commerce and associations, establishing guangdong Xian ‘an Chamber of Commerce, Wuhan Xian ‘an Chamber of Commerce and Beijing Xian ‘an Chamber of Commerce in three different places, and establishing 10 chamber of commerce in casting industry and building materials industry.With the chamber of Commerce as the platform, it has actively carried out investment promotion by business, facilitating 35 projects to settle in Xian ‘an with an investment amount of more than 10 billion yuan.Chen Wei requested that the district federation of Industry and Commerce (general Chamber of Commerce) should shoulder heavy responsibilities and strive to be a model of the new era.We will raise our awareness of political responsibility, participation in politics, responsibility for development, and social responsibility, and set a good example of patriotism and dedication, law-abiding business operations, innovation and entrepreneurship, and contributing to society.To fulfill their duties and innovate on the journey to great cause.Educate and guide private economic personage to improve their quality continuously;Strengthen communication and contact, attract more private economic personages to the federation of industry and commerce;Pooling human resources to help private enterprises carry out technical cooperation with universities and research institutes and guide enterprises to speed up independent innovation;We will actively open up to the outside world, attract more business people to invest in our district, and mobilize more successful people from Xian ‘an to return to start their own businesses.Actively serve enterprises, provide timely and accurate information on policies, economy, science and technology, talents and other aspects for private enterprises, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and operators;We will pool powerful forces to convey to every corner the idea of respecting labor, creativity and entrepreneurs, and unite and organize private business people.We should assume our responsibilities and unite the new team.The district Federation of Industry and Commerce should closely focus on the central work of the district Committee, adhere to the establishment of the association by service, projects, innovation and hard work, and constantly enhance the cohesion, influence and executive power of the organization;All departments and units should, based on the actual situation, coordinate and cooperate with each other to vigorously support and assist acFIC in carrying out various activities;The DISTRICT Party Committee and the district government will support the FEDERATION of Industry and Commerce in carrying out investigations and studies, making suggestions and suggestions, and participating in the deliberation and administration of state affairs around the work of the Center, and strive to be politically concerned, ideologically intimate, emotionally intimate, and professionally concentric.At the meeting, Zhou Juan, vice chairman of the District CPPCC and newly elected chairman of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, delivered the closing speech;The congress also deliberated and adopted the resolution of the Xian ‘an District Federation of Industry and Commerce (GENERAL Chamber of Commerce) on the work report of the fourth Executive Committee.Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly handle.Email address: