Top 10 cities with total capital in 2021: Beijing and Shanghai lead the list, Suzhou ranks ninth, and Wuhan is temporarily excluded

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Total capital is an important data that reflects regional economic development.A lot of people do not understand what is the total amount of capital, popular a bit old say, be your home to have how many cash, you may earn, also may be you borrow, it is the capital that some area gathers together, have very big relation with the area radiate ability of this city to a great extent.Total fund can also be referred to as the balance of deposits in financial institutions, including the total amount of deposits in RMB and foreign currencies. Like total GDP, per capita GDP and fiscal revenue, it is one of the important reference data to measure the comprehensive economic strength of a region.Depending on the amount of money,The top ten cities representing the “top flow” of China’s total capital are Beijing (20.796702 billion yuan), Shanghai (17.583108 billion yuan), Shenzhen (11.2554517 billion yuan), Guangzhou (7.498886 billion yuan), Hangzhou (6.104.4 billion yuan), Chengdu (4.796794 billion yuan) and Chongqing (4.590 billion yuan)804 million yuan), Nanjing (4,470.87 billion yuan), Suzhou (4,163.730 billion yuan) and Tianjin (3,590.309 billion yuan).On the whole, the top 10 cities in total capital amount are the top cities in China, not only outstanding in total capital amount, but also “ceiling” in other economic data.Among them, The two super cities of Beijing and Shanghai led the way. Beijing ranked first with a total capital of 20.796702 billion yuan, followed by Shanghai with 17.583108 billion yuan. The capital strength of the two cities was significantly higher than that of the other seven cities except Shenzhen.Analysts say this is mainly due to the fact that Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are China’s three major financial centers, and their financial industry is among the top three in the country.Specifically, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing all have stock exchanges. Another major reason why Beijing is ahead of Shenzhen and Shanghai lies in the fact that there are a large number of bank headquarters, a large number of securities industry institutions and insurance institutions, and a large number of state-owned enterprises, which Shanghai and Shenzhen cannot compare with.Guangzhou, as a first-tier city, ranks fourth with a total capital of 7,498.886 billion yuan, while Hangzhou, which has overtaken the financial industry due to Internet information technology, ranks fifth with 6,104.4 billion yuan.The total capital of chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing and Suzhou, ranked 6-9, has little difference in scale. Chengdu, ranked 6th, is only 633.064 billion yuan more than Suzhou, ranked 9th, and the average “interval” between each city is only 158.266 billion yuan.In terms of total GDP, Suzhou, which leads these four cities, is at the bottom of the list in terms of total capital, with only 4.163.73 billion yuan at the ninth place.Comprehensive economic strength after four major first-tier cities of suzhou, why “lost” on the amount, analysis of the personage inside course of study says, “suzhou as an ordinary city, and adjacent to Shanghai, regional radiation ability is almost zero, don’t have much money siphonage, entirely on their own”, to have this result already is not easy.Tianjin has become the gatekeeper of the top 10 cities in terms of total capital, with a total capital of 3,590.309 billion yuan in 2021.Although it is in the top ten, there is a gap of 573.421 billion yuan between Suzhou and suzhou, the ninth, and its growth rate is the lowest among the top ten cities with total capital, only 5.15%.At present, although Wuhan has no chance, but temporarily, judging from the development trend of Wuhan and Tianjin in recent years, it is only a matter of time for Wuhan to catch up with Tianjin in total capital.In 2021, the capital increment of Wuhan will reach 276.998 billion yuan, 101.189 billion yuan more than Tianjin.At the same time, the total capital of Wuhan in 2021 is 3,377.587 billion yuan, only 227.22 billion yuan less than Tianjin, and it is expected to overtake Tianjin and become one of the top 10 cities in total capital in 2 years or at most 3 years.