3 daughters in 3 different families, the absence of a father, affect the daughter’s life

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Emerson said: the family is the kingdom of the father, the mother of the world, the children’s paradise.The father, is that one can connive the child to act in pettish, as long as the child put forward any request he does not meet, the child can be angry.The three daughters in the TV drama Warm Holiday 2 were born in different families and lead different lives due to the absence of their fathers.Cheng Miao (Played by Cheng Xiao) is the daughter of Cheng Qiao (Jiang Chao).Father had been abroad, earned a little money and opened a small shop.The life of a family of three is also smooth.Cheng Miao is the greatest hope in the family, and her mother has a wish for her daughter to become a phoenix.She hopes that her daughter can enter the provincial team and contribute to the glory of the motherland in the future.Cheng Miao has a lively and cheerful personality since childhood, and she likes skating. Because of the long time training, her academic performance declined, and finally she entered an unsatisfactory university.Cheng Miao has been skating since childhood, and her mother also has great expectations for her, spending all her time with her daughter to practice skating.As the only child in the family, she is happy.Due to the age limit of skating and the employment pressure caused by education issues, Cheng Miao felt inferior. Her biggest wish was to make a lot of money.Tian Shuang is the 12-year-old daughter of Cheng Man (Liu Tao).After the divorce, Cheng Man took his daughter Tian Shuang to Work and live in Shanghai.After years of struggle, she has established herself as an executive in Shanghai.Because of his superior conditions, Cheng Man hopes his daughter, Tian Shuang, can win the starting line, from food, clothing, housing, travel and education, have given her the best material conditions.As a mother, she was not wrong.She just wants to make her daughter better and able to adapt to the changing society.However, the daughter’s IQ is not as good as the mother’s.Daughter’s academic performance is very average, not satisfactory.Because of her studies, the relationship between Cheng man and her daughter, Tian Shuang, is tense.Tian shuang even chose to stay with her father rather than her privileged mother.Cheng man failed in his daughter’s education.Daughter Tian Shuang has no affection for her mother, and can even ask security guards to kick her out in front of outsiders.Cheng Man is the eldest daughter of Cheng Sanmin (Ni Dahong).Since childhood, she has been a girl who doesn’t have to worry about her parents.In her words, she has been struggling since she was 6 years old.Now it has a firm foothold in Shanghai and has certain material conditions.She can fulfill any financial need her parents have.As the second child in the family, Cheng man has an older brother and a younger sister.The parents gave all their love to the older brother and sister.She was the most sensible and least favoured of them all.Since childhood, she has been used to this family pattern.She can only try to win her parents’ attention with her good grades.That’s why Cheng Man wants to get away from his hometown.She doesn’t like everything in her hometown, including the duet.Rather, she had no sense of family identity.The absence of a father Cheng Miao, Cheng Man and Tian Shuang have one thing in common: the absence of a father.Cheng Miao’s father, Cheng Qiao, left for a part-time job abroad to save money for his daughter’s dowry.Later, after returning to China, his daughter Cheng Miao also had the basic three views, and he basically responded to her every request.Cheng Miao’s mother is basically responsible for all his daily necessities.The mother is obsessed with her daughter’s skating career, even though her daughter has physical limitations, she still does not give up.The father, Cheng Qiao, did not stand up for his daughter. Instead, he listened to his wife.Compared with Cheng Miao, Cheng Man’s father Cheng Sanmin is an absent father.My wife brought up all three of my children.Cheng sanmin mostly hides in the mountains as a trainer.In his wife’s words, the three children are able to have today’s results, basically follow her family genes.Cheng Sanmin basically did not manage cheng Tenge, he thinks the eldest daughter is beautiful and capable, do not have to worry about.On his daughter’s rare visit to his hometown, Cheng sanmin went to the mountains.This is why Cheng Man would rather go to Sanya than go back to her hometown.Because her parents didn’t give her warmth.By contrast, Tian Shuang is the most pathetic daughter.Her parents divorced shortly after she was born, and she lives alone with her mother, Cheng Man, in Shanghai.Her father, Tian Kejian, is more of a name for Tian Shuang.Because of her strained relationship with her mother, Tian enjoys a harmonious relationship with her gentle father.These years, although Tian Kejian was absent, he was very tolerant and loving to his daughter.His greatest wish was for his daughter: to be free from suffering and injustice.If it is hard to follow a mother like Cheng Man, it is only normal to follow a father like Tian Kejian.It is impossible for a child to grow up without suffering and being wronged.Sometimes, inverse quotient is also a kind of exercise, but also a great love.A father can’t keep his daughter in a hothouse for life.To a certain extent, with mother Cheng Man, will definitely become a better person.As far as Cheng Miao is concerned, the absence of her father makes her feel inferior.In the face of their own boys have good feelings, her bones are inferior.That’s why I say it: I know myself.Being raised by her father, Cheng Miao is a girl with a clear view of love.I never wanted to marry a rich family and live on a man.In her bones, she always hoped to break away from the greenhouse created by her parents and change her life by her own efforts.That’s what her father did to her.Take a look at Cheng Man.Because of the absence of his father Cheng Sanmin, Cheng Man is eager to separate from his family of origin.Later she also by virtue of their own efforts, away from the family of origin, to live a better life.The absence of her father had the greatest impact on her love outlook.What Cheng Man regrets most is that she married tian Kejian, an unambitious and unrepresentative artist.Cheng Tenge’s mother actually looked down on this poor son-in-law, think this son-in-law can not keep his granddaughter Tian Shuang, more think he is not worthy of her daughter Cheng Tenge.What does her father’s absence mean to Tian Shuang?Under the long-term high pressure of her mother Cheng Man, coupled with the absence of her father, Tian Shuang has been in a state of high tension, so she suffered from depression.Just think, if her father had not been absent, she would have someone to talk to, and her father would have given her the correct guidance of three views, and she would not have been so sensitive and selfish.Tian Shuang’s biggest dream is to play carefree like children outside the window.This is the ordinary daily life that ordinary people have, and tian Shuang really yearned for the most.The three daughters’ personalities were influenced by their families.The absence of a father is a result they cannot change.They’re all slowly changing, and they’re always being themselves.To be yourself, in the end, is to know how to control everything around in the process of playing with the world, so that their nature can be fully displayed, everything can follow one’s inclinations, invincible.