No time to lose!Jinan police rescue a woman about to commit suicide

2022-06-08 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidian reporter Yuan Ye Correspondent Zhang Beibei at 15:00 on February 4th, Jinan Public Security Bureau Wangguanzhuang police station received a call to the police, “police comrade, my daughter-in-law and I have a conflict, just video said to commit suicide, it seems to be to the Yellow River, help me find it.”Telephone man anxious!Pan Wei, the deputy director, and Zong Lei, the police officer on duty, quickly led several people to the police.According to the monitoring along the way, the police tracked the woman’s taxi all the way, while calling, while racing against time to rush to the scene, but after arriving at the scene, can only roughly determine the location.Save people such as fire, Pan Wei will be divided into two groups to search.Time is life, in order to avoid the occurrence of misfortune, the two groups of people ran along the river while asking people around, along the way ran three or four kilometers, although it was cold, but the police were sweating.Be in everybody without discovery, be anxious when, zong Lei leads a group of police force discovered a woman!Seeing that the girl was less than one meter away from the river, Zong Lei jumped down from the high platform on the edge of the Yellow River. At this time, he wanted to quickly pull the girl back, but he was afraid to disturb her. When the girl was not looking, Zong Lei gradually approached her.Considering the cold weather, the woman’s mood is not stable, in order to ensure safety, the police will be brought back to the house for persuasion.After several police patient and careful persuasion, finally the woman gave up the idea of suicide.After the woman’s emotional stability, the police will contact her husband to bring it back, the alarm man is very excited, to the police assistance expressed gratitude.Not only did it save a life, it saved a family.Police hope that we can cherish life, life only once, there is no such thing as difficulty.No matter what difficulties we encounter, we must find a reasonable solution. We must not go to extremes, which may lead to tragedy.