The spring ploughing production site activity of north Qinqin defense area of “steady grain and flourishing rural area” was held in Qinzhou

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On February 18, the headquarters office of the autonomous region “Steady grain and Prosperous rural battle” held spring ploughing production field activities in Qinzhou, the implementation of the national spring agricultural production and strengthening winter wheat field management conference and the spirit of the regional spring agricultural production video meeting, scheduling spring ploughing preparation situation.Huang Zhiyu, director of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of the Autonomous Region and director of the Rural Revitalization Bureau, attended the event and inspected and guided the spring ploughing production.Wen Xinlian, deputy director of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department of The Autonomous Region, Member of the Standing Committee of The Municipal Committee of Qinzhou and Minister of the United Front Work Department, and Li Kaichuang, vice mayor attended the event.Rain, spring ploughing began, all living things.At the demonstration site of rice spring sowing in Kangxiling Town, Qinnan District, Huang Zhiyu takes the lead in sowing rice seeds with a farmer friend.At the scene of the spring planting were Huang Zhiyu and farmers friend and rice, he said, in the department of agriculture and country while completes the normalized epidemic prevention and control, to speed up the start spring farming preparation work, more efforts to ensure this year’s spring work smoothly, to ensure food security, the whole agricultural production, increase farmers’ income to become rich, good dozen food fight, boost rural revitalization.Huang Zhiyu and his delegation investigated crop preparations at the spring ploughing site. Experts from the “Red Party Flag of the First Line of spring ploughing” service team guided farmers on the spot. Then, Huang Zhiyu and his delegation conducted research on the supply of agricultural materials, facility fishery production and large-scale prawn cultivation in greenhouses.He stressed that it is now a critical time for spring ploughing preparations, so we must ensure sufficient supplies of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other materials, with high quality and stable prices, to escort grain production.Huang Zhiyu and his delegation investigated the supply of agricultural materials. He stressed that modern facility fishery, as an important industry to stabilize grain and develop rural areas, is responsible for the safety of fishery production. While promoting the quality and efficiency of aquaculture, it is necessary to ensure the standard discharge of aquaculture tail water treatment and the quality and safety of aquatic products, and strictly control the quality.Huang Zhiyu line of fisheries research facilities autonomous regional agriculture and rural areas hall in offices, development planning, planting management, fisheries, the committee, autonomous region agricultural information centers, agricultural technology extending stations, passengers, shen, qinzhou bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the autonomous region of grain production and the relevant person in charge of special work team production of live pigs, qinnan related leaders to participate in the activities.Author: Jiang Chunmei Source: Guangxi Agricultural Information Center