CCTV broadcast NBA, Jay Chou NFT stolen, Jon Chen married

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Ming Ming did not take a holiday last week for six days, the entertainment circle did not stop.Some fresh trends can always remind people of the previous era, between the news and the old news, we can see the rise and fall of an enterprise or an industry.Qingming holiday, to take a look at amin’s preparations for the week.On March 30, an ordinary morning, sports fans turned on CCTV5 as usual, only to find the “most familiar stranger” — NBA was quietly broadcast on CCTV after two years.On October 8, 2019, CCTV officially announced that it would stop all cooperation with the NBA due to inappropriate remarks made by Then-Houston Rockets General manager Daryl Morey.The event, once the most influential professional sport in China, has come at a freezing point in relations with China.Then, in October 2020, CCTV briefly re-broadcast two NBA Finals games, which coincided with Morey’s departure as general manager of the Rockets.But the rerun did not become a regular occurrence, and it has been a year and a half since then before CCTV finally resumed live NBA broadcasting.According to the program list on, NBA games will be broadcast live on CCTV5 for several days after that, indicating that NBA live broadcast will return to normal in the future.In fact, Tencent Sports, Migu and other new media platforms, except for a few teams, have already resumed normal broadcasting of NBA games.After all, NBA rights are expensive, and the stagnation of broadcasting is a huge economic loss for both producers and broadcasters.This time, CCTV’s regular resumption of the broadcast is an official release of the license for this game, which may be a rare boon for NBA, which has not developed as well as before in recent years.”Morey’s last tweet cost the NBA $1 billion,” Los Angeles Clippers coach Tyronn Lue said in an interview.The implications may go beyond the apparent financial benefits of broadcasting and sponsorship. The loss of potential viewers in China may be even more profound.In addition, the epidemic began to spread in 2020, so that NBA games were often empty in the past two years, which greatly reduced the revenue of offline ticket sales. When the epidemic was serious, the schedule had to be reduced, and the broadcasting income around the world was also affected.Former commissioner David Stern’s global strategy made the NBA a household name in China, but where will his successors continue to explore the NBA’s commercial potential as globalization struggles?Jay Chou NFT theft On April Fool’s Day, everyone is joking, but Jay Chou is a little bit not laughing.He posted on instagram that his “boring ape” NFT, numbered BAYC#3738, was stolen in January.It is one of the most expensive NFT projects on the market, valued at $4bn after 11 months online.It was reported that Chou’s stolen NFT changed hands several times within an hour, for nearly 3.2 million yuan.Can NFT, which is known for its security, be stolen?This may be the first time many confused netizens came up with the idea.In fact, the security of NFT mainly refers to its non-homogenous token property, which enables each NFT to have a unique identity of its owner and cannot be counterfeited or copied.However, all cryptocurrencies need a private key to encrypt and decrypt data, so when a user’s private key is accidentally leaked, their NFT will naturally be stolen.In fact, there have been many cases of high NFT theft abroad, mostly through phishing emails to steal private keys.There are bitter and sweet, in January this year, Amin and we also talked about Jay’s high transfer into the bureau of NFT.The fashion brand PHANTACi, funded by Jay Chou himself, released a NFT project of “Phanta Bear/PHANTACi Bear”. Thanks to his star power, 10,000 copies were sold within 40 minutes of launch, with a revenue of 62 million yuan.As the first to enter the game NFT entertainment stars, Jay Zhou also use their own personal experience to warn the public, investment risks, there is no absolute security.The metadverse has always wanted to break the boundary between the virtual and the real, so the theft of real life has also been replicated in virtual space.If NFT is to be regarded as the basic form of custody of virtual assets in the futuroverse, then perhaps more popularization is needed on how NFT is to be held.Chen Jon gets married, love is mixed knock to really love variety roll so many years, finally have “real couple” birth.The two have been dating for more than two years, and the show’s director Wu Mengzhi said in an official promo for season 4: “Our show is real. It’s like Jon Chen is getting married.””Daughters in Love” features a mix of real couples as well as a mix of regular dates for single female stars.And Jon Chen at the same time participated in the second season of Guo Bi Ting and Xu Lu are “with their families to attend”, Guo Bi Ting in the show premiere shortly after the license and married to zuo, and Xu Lu and Zhang Ming en is suspected in the program has broken up before and after the broadcast.The show’s other “real couple” are Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao, who appeared in the first season.Love in the red line, the story of the guests all’s well that ends well, for you and the audience is a “win-win”, after all, since the birth of the category, “script” speculation has been around, and as the daughters of love “become really interested to move this star element combination mode, compared with the cardiac signal this pure love 10-year heald, again big some controversial.Perhaps because celebrities have their acting buff, many viewers don’t believe they’ve actually met a romantic guest on the show.Don’t know Chen Jon’s marriage news will not let more people “trust” love heald, but love is metaphysical, full of exciting uncertainty, in the public’s vision of love is even more so, perhaps this is love heald began to become a hot track.The program process can be scripted, but it is hard to “fake” feelings, after all, there are many stars who fall in love with each other because of the show.This year is still the year of the love affair, with dozens of shows showcasing their talents, covering almost every stage, age and demographic in relationships in an effort to differentiate them.However, whether focusing on “mother-baby Solo” or “30+,” “combination of stars and elements” or “pure cast,” how to balance the reality and drama of the show is the long-term question facing the creators of AMz.The situation is not good, but one year has passed since Kuaishou first proposed the profit point, which is a year of great changes for Kuaishou. From the perspective of internal organizational structure, the largest organizational structure adjustment has been carried out since its establishment ten years ago, integrating the main station product department, operation department, user growth department and other production and operation lines.The four business divisions of e-commerce, Commercialization, Internationalization and game were established simultaneously.Suhua, chairman and CEO of Kuaishou, resigned as CEO and was replaced by Kuaishou co-founder Yixiao Cheng.And according to kuaishou latest financial results show that its revenue structure has also changed dramatically.Kuaishou posted a total revenue of 81.1 billion yuan last year, up 37.9 percent year on year, with online marketing services, or advertising, replacing live streaming as its largest revenue source for the first time in the annual report.In the total revenue of Kuaishou in 2021, online marketing services, live broadcasting and other services (including e-commerce) accounted for 52.6%, 38.2% and 9.2%, respectively.Advertising revenue growth, on the one hand from the increase in brand advertising.According to the financial report, with the iteration of the advertising system and products, Kuaishou has also won the favor of more brand advertisers, and its annual brand advertising revenue has achieved a year-on-year growth of more than 150%.On the other hand, Kuaishou is also gradually deepening the layout of vertical content, focusing on short plays, sports, Kuaishou new knowledge broadcast and other subdivisions. By the end of 2021, kuaishou platform online more than 10,000 short plays and incubated a number of popular models, attracting the attention of female users in higher-level cities, also due to the advertising.The decline in the share of live broadcast revenue is due to both post-epidemic adjustment and enhanced supervision.In February last year, seven government departments jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Standardized Management of Live streaming, requiring live streaming platforms to establish and improve the standardized management system of live streaming account classification and classification, the management rules of live streaming reward service and the management system of live streaming goods, putting forward higher requirements for live streaming management.Zhuang Minghao, a long-time observer of the content industry who follows Kuaishou, once judged that the growth rate of the 200 billion plate of the live streaming industry has almost stopped. “It has become a stable thing that can contribute to income and become the standard for everyone.”There are also worries behind the boom.As of December 2021, kuaishou’s penetration fell 1.5% year-on-year, while byte, where Tiktok is located, rose 13%.However, Kuaishou’s judgment of the situation and its own situation is still positive, giving the specific profit time point for the first time.Kim, who was named Chief financial officer of Kuaishou earlier this year, made his debut on the fourth-quarter and full-year 2021 results call.In response to questions from analysts, he said he was “very confident” of achieving positive quarterly adjusted net profit from its domestic operations this year.Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co., LTD., an affiliate of Guangzhou Magdetonation Network Technology Co., LTD., has been added as a shareholder with 100% stake, according to the news on April 2.The main business of The Network is the development and operation of mobile games adapted from animation. Currently, there are two public games: My Hero Academy: The Strongest Hero and Starbee: Angel of the Abyss.This is the ninth time that STATION B has invested in a game company in 2022. Previously, station B has also invested in Firocom, a former gaming executive who is now a director of The Three-Body Universe, Beijing Wandervale, which has a page game business, and Rocket Fist, an independent game development team dedicated to high-quality console games.At present, B station in the game field investment frequency has been second only to Tencent.Acceleration starts from 2021. Before that, B station invested 21 cases in the game field, most of which focused on the type of quadratic metagame. After that, IN 2021 alone, B station bought shares in 20 game companies, which also reflects the strategic change of B station in the game.The first is the broadening of the genre.Now, the investment of SITE B is not limited to the developers of two-dimensional style games, but also includes indie games, Japanese RPG developers, warring States SLG page games and other types.The second is the change of industry chain position.In the past two years, the investment of station B has changed from pure production company to platform company, and successively invested in two platform companies, Namely Heartbeat Network and China Mobile Games.Let oneself penetrate deeper into the game industry, is also to let the game and other businesses form stronger interaction, looking for more interest growth points.Mr. Chen said on a conference call last year that making games isn’t a way to monetize the company, but that once the content is done, it can be commercialized.”There are a number of parts of our company that work with the gaming industry, so we’re investing to strengthen those partnerships, to create synergy with the business.”