Sino-russian cooperation is a nightmare for THE US. China and Russia are planning to bring in the EU, while the US chooses to “stray”.

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February 2022 was definitely not a good month for the United States.Not only did China’s successful opening of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing make a mockery of the US’s previous tactics, including a “diplomatic boycott”, but the two countries also cooperated deeply and issued a joint statement.For the US, the cooperation between China and Russia, especially the deep cooperation between China and Russia, is a nightmare.Not just 300 billion cubic meters of gas and 100 million tons of oil — China and Russia plan to bring in the European Union, an American ally;Russia’s Gazprom has signed a long-term gas supply agreement with China National Petroleum Corporation to supply gas to China via the Far East route, according to gazprom.This is also the second natural gas supply contract signed between China and Russia since 2014.At the same time, According to the Russian oil company, Rosneft and Petrochina signed an oil supply agreement, by the Russian oil company to supply 100 million tons of oil to China in 10 years.On the one hand, these two energy supply contracts are “boosting” the Russian economy.Because Europe is now Russia’s main source of energy exports, the European Union has often threatened to import Russian energy.China signed two large energy contracts with Russia in one breath, which can ensure that Russia’s energy export prices are relatively stable in the medium and long term.On the other hand, for China, adding Russian energy supplies in addition to the Middle East could also reduce the threat of US energy imports to China.After all, the U.S. Navy, no matter how powerful, cannot cut off Russia’s oil and gas supplies to China.The most interesting of the two deals is the gas supply contract, which is for 30 years, Russia will add 10 billion cubic meters of gas to China every year for 30 years, which is 300 billion cubic meters of gas for 30 years, with a total value of about 400 billion dollars.What’s more interesting is that the contract was settled in euros, not dollars, yuan or rubles.This is actually a very subtle step to show the EU that Cooperation between China and Russia does not preclude eu membership, which is tantamount to wooing traditional US Allies.For China and Russia, the contract will be settled in euros.It can not only avoid the EU’s resistance to Sino-Russian cooperation, but also reduce the risk of the EU launching economic sanctions against Russia.However, due to the current slow action capacity of the EU, even if the euro is used for settlement, the euro will not become the next dollar and threaten the economic development of China and Russia.Sino-russian cooperation is a nightmare for the US.In the face of the joint statement by China and Russia, the US quickly went off topic.The New York Times said that the sino-Russian cooperation is actually the worst situation the United States has faced since 1971.When Kissinger suggested to Nixon in 1971 that relations with China should be eased and that China should be united against the Soviet Union, he feared that China would later turn against the United States and join forces with America’s adversaries.Now, that’s happening.In addition to the two economic cooperation between China and Russia, the joint statement between China and Russia has a lot of points of interest.In the first part of the sino-Russian joint statement, both Sides explicitly oppose “Us-style democracy”.To put it bluntly, it is against the US attacking China and Russia in the name of “democracy”.In the second part of the china-Russia joint statement, China and Russia clearly stated that in addition to strengthening the “Belt and Road” strategy, they should also strengthen cooperation on arctic development, requiring developed countries to implement the annual CLIMATE finance support of us $100 billion for developing countries, and not to set up trade barriers on the grounds of climate change.At the same time, the two sides agreed that the COVID-19 tracing investigation is scientific and opposed to politicizing the investigation.In the third part of the Sino-Russian joint statement, Russia clearly states that Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory.China and Russia are opposed not only to the “color revolution”, but also to the ATTEMPTS of the United States and the US-led military alliance to undermine peace and stability through military means.China and Russia made a rare direct public accusation against the AUKUS defense alliance, and made their positions clear on the issue of intermediate-range missiles, nuclear non-proliferation, and biological and chemical weapons control.In recent years, the United States has frequently acted as a demon in several areas. China and Russia have directly responded to these issues.The most interesting part is the fourth part of the Sino-Russian joint statement, in which both China and Russia make it clear that they oppose falsifying the history of WWII and will defend the fruits of the victory of WWII.It looks like Russia and China are going to fight back against the US for falsifying the history of WW2 and trying to use Japan against Them.The United States apparently did not expect the level of cooperation between China and Russia to be so deep this time. When asked by reporters about China-Russia cooperation and the China-Russia joint Declaration, White House Spokesperson Psaki directly “digressed”.Fobbed it off with “We have our own relationship with China” and moved straight to Ukraine.Personally, the US is clearly not ready to deal with sino-Russian cooperation.To be sure, there is nothing good the United States can do about Cooperation between Russia and China.This is because the cooperation between China and Russia is a “positive strategy” and a normal response to us containment and oppression. The US is the “cause” and China-Russia cooperation is the “result”.With the general framework of Sino-Russian cooperation already determined, the next tussle between China and Russia and the United States mainly focuses on the fight for the European Union. China and Russia have the advantage of economy, while the United States has a strong influence on Europe.The final outcome depends on which way the EU intends to go at the crossroad.Graph source network, intrusion deletion.