What is the sign of apple blossom in winter

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Winter apple blossom is a sign of crop failure, as apple trees usually bloom in April and May, and early flowering can be caused by abnormal weather or poor management.1, apple tree is a kind of higher form of trees, because of its strong cold resistance, so mainly distributed in northern China.Apple trees, like other fruit trees, bear fruit from flower to straight.People who have seen apple blossoms are fascinated by them. Apple blossoms are white and pink, and they are beautifully dotted throughout the garden when they bloom.2. In the cultivation of apple trees, the flowering period is very short, but it is very important for the formation of apple quality and yield. Moreover, the flowering period is a transition period from low temperature to high temperature, which is affected by adverse weather such as reverse spring cold.Before the flower fertilizer calls bud fertilizer again, the main purpose of applying fertilizer before the flower is to promote fruit tree early bud and blossom neat, in order to improve the rate of fruit setting.The best time to apply fertilizer is about 10 days before germination.3, in the ripe varieties of apple after harvest, late varieties of apple before harvest and root growth period when a large number of base fertilizer.Fertilization is concentrated around the root system distribution.When a tree is young, cut off branches that have been cut too quickly and damaged the tree’s shape.Keep the main branches and allow the tree to grow and form quickly.After full fruiting, cut away the number of excess large and peripheral branches in the crown.