Women’s volleyball training camp is a comprehensive selection activity of ideological education, style rectification and technical fitness test

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The problems of the Chinese women’s volleyball team began to surface during the World Cup last year. They had to drive the badly needed tank to compete in the Tokyo Olympic Games due to the impending Tokyo Olympic Games, which ultimately resulted in a defeat by the Japanese team.Then came the National Games, the National Championships and the Super League, the flames of war, there was no time to deal with problems.Until the end of the league, the General Administration of Sport of China held an emergency meeting on volleyball work. Gou Zhongwen, director of the Bureau, asked the volleyball management center to solve the problems in volleyball as soon as possible, and then put the rectification of volleyball work style on the agenda.The volleyball management center focuses on the selection of women’s volleyball coaches and the establishment of talent pool and training camp activities.The recruitment results of the head coach of the national women’s volleyball team, the list of talent pool and the notice of attending the training camp were announced successively.The notice about the training camp clearly stated the requirements of the training camp: the focus should be on solving the problems of athletes who are “not strong in mind, not strong in style, weak in technique and not up to the standard in physical fitness.”We will strictly follow the selection standards of the new national women’s Volleyball team and recommend each of them to the national Women’s Volleyball Team.The platoon management center and the head coach CAI Bin are determined to strictly check the thoughts, style, technology and physical strength of the athletes from four aspects, strict assessment, completely get rid of the constraints of exaggerated data and relationships.All on the basis of facts, excellent athletes with strong thoughts, tenacious style, comprehensive skills and full physical strength are selected to the national team.After passing the ideological education and technical physical fitness test in the training camp, the new national women’s Volleyball team immediately started the training and prepared for the world League, Asian Games and World Championships with a new mental outlook, and rebuilt the spirit of women’s volleyball team in the new era for the Paris Olympic Games.