Yaoshan Ski Resort to learn skiing

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In the summer of 2015, the bidding result of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games was announced, and Beijing became the city of double Olympics. The Winter Olympic Games will be held on February 4, 2022.On the eve of the opening of the world-renowned Winter Olympic Games, we are excited and eagerly awaiting the opening.With COVID-19 still raging and western hostile forces trying to suppress it, I sincerely wish the Winter Olympics a successful opening.In bidding for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, China made a solemn promise to encourage 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports.Great opportunities with the help of the Beijing Olympics, China’s efforts to overcome the climate difference to be markedly, ice and snow resources distribution, facilities service still is not perfected, etc, seven years later, ice and snow sports broke the limitation of time and space, let the participation from the crowd to universal, to participate in space from region to the nation, to participate in time from winter to throughout the year.Inside and outside the Great Wall, north and south of the great River, snow and ice sports gradually into a boom, skiing venues all over the place.According to recently released figures, 346 million People in China now participate in ice sports, making China’s vision a reality.And my wife and I are also one of the number.It was January 13 to 14, 2017, my wife and I participated in the ski tour group, specially came to Henan Lushan County Yaoshan ski resort, participated in the learning skiing activities.This ski resort is about 1300 meters above sea level, close to zhongyuan Giant Buddha and Lushan hot spring group. Within 30 kilometers, it has realized the perfect combination of ecological leisure tourism, natural and healthy hot spring vacation, fashion and fitness skiing.On the day of departure, I drove six hours, arrived at the destination, checked into a four-star hotel, which was also the first time to enjoy the hot spring in winter.The next morning, came to yaoshan ski resort, also known as ski paradise.Ah, Snow White, especially enchanting.The snow covers an area of 8 square kilometers, and the snow resort covers an area of 30,000 square meters. It introduces foreign advanced snow making, snow pressing equipment and brand-new supporting facilities. It has five slides for training, junior and senior high schools, and can accommodate six thousand people skiing and entertainment projects at the same time, which is known as the first ski resort in central China.After retirement, she learned fencing, taijiquan, swimming, roller skating and other sports, and played the zither. She is also fond of traveling. She has been to Hong Kong and Macao five times and Tibet three times, and has set foot in many foreign historical sites.Once at the ski resort, she was in good spirits and high spirits, paid for a trainer and practiced repeatedly on the beginner slide.I always prefer to be quiet and less active. I seldom participate in sports events.Fat body slow movement, purely to accompany his wife, open horizon.Although I also put on full gear, I just tried to move the skis in place, symbolically moving the slide bar, mainly to feel the strong atmosphere, watching playing with snow horse form, experience the novelty and excitement of high mountain skiing.Standing tired, also sit on the pulley, riding a motorcycle, but also rare laugh, jubilant.After all, his wife has the foundation of roller skating, and savvy, under the guidance of full-time coach, progress is very fast, in a day preliminary grasp the essentials, from move to slow slide, and sometimes people turned over, but excited dancing, not also happy call.I am mainly an audience, but as long as my wife is happy, we men are better off, aren’t we?The next day, we reluctantly left the ski resort, return by car.There are also many high quality ski resorts around Wuhan, which we will visit in the future.This is our first skiing experience, but we are the responders, practitioners and witnesses of ice and snow sports after the success of the Winter Olympic Games. We are one of 346 million people, so we feel proud and proud.Editor: Yan Jingping