Netizens shout winter Olympic athletes, you have to lose the face of Chinese football to fight back

2022-06-12 0 By

Today, the Winter Olympics are dominating the screen. Almost every Web page on the Internet is full of pictures, videos and news about the Winter Olympics.The upcoming grand and unprecedented games, let people boiling, let the world boiling, let China boiling.Eagerly looking forward to the opening ceremony, but also in the warm-up brewing, waiting for the arrival of the exciting moment.The clock is still in constant pace, steady manner, persistent uniform speed, the rotation of the law.He may not understand the expectations of the Winter Olympics, but time is a witness, a chronicler.Every time I think of that is associated with the games, will arise spontaneously think of Chinese football, unexpectedly lost to Vietnam this small countries, all have a patriotic heart, has a national natural will lament for them, there is a hate iron not to produce frustration, also have a paranoid thoughts, investigate its reason, don’t know the hurt so sad, really incredible, also is unable to understand and forgive me,I don’t know what those involved think.Now the Winter Olympic Games is about to begin, I hope our athletes can be calm, easy at their own door, win gold and silver MEDALS, win victory, win honor.